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‘DREAMer’ Does Multiple Jobs Americans Will Not Do

Posted in Culture, Immigration2 weeks ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

A ‘DREAMer’ who chooses to live in North Carolina while he waits for his unconstitutional amnesty from federal immigration laws to be transformed by corrupt politicians into American citizenship proves his worth to America by doing jobs Americans will not do. 

     Darlin Manuel Padilla-Sauceda is a DREAMer with an appetite for booze, vans, and vehicular demolitions. A few months ago, the innocent, docile Padilla-Sauceda hopped into his van after consuming a copious amount of alcohol and promptly crashed his van into Big Cheese Pizza located at 1373 US 70 Business in Clayton, North Carolina. Luckily, no restaurant patrons were injured, but tables were damaged, and the building structure was compromised. Unfortunately, local enforcement failed to recognize the value Democrats see in illegal aliens such as Padilla-Sauceda’s and charged him with driving while impaired; impaired by a charitable heart and dreams.


Dream Fulfilled

     How could the local authorities not recognize that Padilla-Sauceda was performing a charitable service by renovating the Big Cheese Factory free of charge? He realized the Americans who live in Clayton were not stepping up to improve the appearance of Big Cheese Factory, so he took the matter into his hands. Granted, he had a few drinks on the way to work, but it did not affect his job performance.

     How many Americans are lining up to crash a van into a restaurant? Well? Padilla-Sauceda is willing to do jobs Americans will not do. The time to bring Padilla-Sauceda out of the ‘shadows’ is long overdue; he has proven he is an asset to America, so give him U.S. citizenship. Once he gets his citizenship, maybe he can renovate Nancy Pelosi’s mansion? Let the DREAMer do some work on the Pelosi estate; Nancy can have her maid cook him some empanadas while she fills out his voter registration card. 

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