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Black Lives Matter Race Pimp Gets Arrested for Being an Actual Pimp

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Who is the Rosa Parks of pimps? Charles Wade, prominent Black Lives Matter (BLM) race pimp, is the unofficial winner of the coveted Rosa Parks prize for the most outstanding social justice warrior (SJW) of pimpin’. 

race pimp

The Honorable Charles Wade

     Wade’s resume, although impressive, was not award-worthy until his arrest at a Howard Johnson (HoJo) Inn in Maryland; who knew HoJo still existed? According to local police, Wade was using his room at HoJo to pimp a 17-year-old girl; Wade doesn’t just pimp race, he pimps underage girls too. Before Wade was arrested and charged with seven counts, including felonies for human trafficking, he was just another “social justice warrior” funded by George Soros to foment civil discord, but now he is more than just a race pimp.

     You probably don’t know Wade co-founded Operation Help or Hush, an organization that lists the following priorities on its website:

  1. Organizing organizers.
  2. Sustaining peaceful protesters – providing food and water. I think we can add prostitutes to this list.
  3. Resourcing the community – Maybe this is where Wade’s human trafficking charge comes into play. Sometimes pimps need to help other pimps by sharing prostitutes. 

Wade is not just a hero of the race-peddling community; he is a “new civil rights activist” who deserves praise for the humanitarian aid he provides to rioters. Progressive rags such as The Washington Compost published glowing articles about Wade’s generous soul, including an article in December 2014 that explained how he helped Chrissy Teigen and John Legend donate food and water to activists protesting Eric Garner’s death in New York City; the progressive rag did not mention whether Wade donated hookers. All of Wade’s charitable acts were leading to his coronation as the Rosa Parks of pimps.

     According to the police report obtained by The Daily Caller, “an undercover officer with the Vice Intelligence Unit responded to an ad on, a website frequently used by sex traffickers and prostitutes.” The following is the ad:

“Holla at me. Quick stay specials tonight and tomorrow. Independent. Fun and sexy. Text me to set up an appointment???????” 

Evidently, Wade’s community organizing includes more than just handing out water bottles and sandwiches to rioters. The Vice Intelligence Unit did “holla” and made a collar.

    Once an undercover detective arrived at room 412 at the HoJo, a white female wearing only a towel invited him into her room. After she made contact with the detective, he identified himself, and she ran out of the room. Police apprehended the girl and during questioning, she told them she is 17 and Wade is her manager. She also told police that she provided all the money she earned to Wade; uh, hello, it’s called reparations for slavery. Apparently, Wade is not as generous to the girls in his stable as he is to BLM protesters.

     Charles Wade should be an inspiration to all Americans, not just the Left. He is kind, charitable, and focused on improving race relations one underage prostitute at a time. The felonies authorities have charged Wade with are designed to prevent him from continuing his work as the patron saint of pimpin’. It is time to crown Charles Wade the Rosa Parks of pimps and give him the key to the city, any city, and free use of a suite at the HoJo of his choosing. 

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