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Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones is an Empty Suit Armed with Bumper Sticker Slogans

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Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones is an empty suit relying on bumper sticker slogans to propel him to a seat in the U.S. Senate. Jones claims he has staked positions on critical issues, and you can find plenty of details on his website, but when you visit his website, you find all of the standard Democrat National Committee (DNC) talking points designed to appeal to the emotions of low-information voters, but no plans.


Hillary Clinton and Doug Jones


     Jones provides voters with this sweet bumper sticker: “Education is the key.” What ideas undergird his slogan on the economy? Jones writes, “We must invest sufficient resources to ensure that our educational system provides the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary for our children to succeed in a 21st-century economy.” Nobody is sure what he means, but a rational inference from his slogan is that he wants more tax dollars for job training programs. There are countless job training programs, and they’ve all failed. However, he has a couple more ideas to cure what ails America’s economy. 

     The following love note to big government is from Jones’s website:

When Franklin Roosevelt proposed the New Deal, much of our state was in abject poverty, without electricity or even clean water. We must remember that those advancements were the result of U.S. government investments in the people of Alabama to improve the infrastructure of the state while creating jobs and improving our standard of living.

It appears that the economy he envisions is an economy created and controlled by the federal government. Jones doesn’t elaborate on his admiration for FDR’s New Deal, but a logical assumption is that he prefers a New New Deal that includes central economic planning by national politicians and the administrative state. But wait, there’s more. 

     Jones ends his very detailed plan for the U.S. economy by dabbling in identity politics, wait for it, he drops the “equal pay for equal work” slogan. This slogan is designed to pit women against men in the workplace and signal to women that corporations are mistreating them, but Democrats are going to save them. Jones doesn’t mention what if anything he will do to stop his fellow Democrats in Hollywood from waging the real war on women. 

Health Care

     Jones declares that the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare’) has to remain in place. Jones thinks Obamacare is a public policy success that has and will continue to enrich the lives of the American people. He shudders at the thought of an America without Obamacare and makes it clear using bumper sticker slogans like “health care is a right, not a privilege” that Obamacare must remain because health care is a human right. Jones is a typical Democrat who rejects natural rights and instead favors human rights defined and bestowed upon people by a government, not God. 


     Jones maintains his aversion to specifics in his policy positions on the environment, but it is quite clear he thinks the debate is over and “climate change” is a mortal threat to the world. Jones writes, “I want to be perfectly clear; I believe in science. The consequences of our unchecked use of fossil fuels for our planet and our health have been clear for decades. Period.” Jones acknowledges that government regulations have harmed people and businesses, and he has “enormous sympathy with the families in our states that have seen their incomes decline or their jobs vanish,” so don’t fret because he has some goodies for Alabamians who have lost their jobs due to environmental regulations.

     What is Jones going to do for the victims of progressive, environmental policies? “I believe America must step up to provide a safety net of health care and job retraining for these workers and prepare all children for a 21st-century economy.” When bureaucratic edicts destroy your job, have no fear, Medicaid and job retraining are here. 

     Noticeably absent from Jones’s website is any mention of “immigration” or anything related to illegal aliens and border security.  He also avoids mentioning cultural issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. He intentionally avoids these issues because there are no satisfactory bumper sticker slogans that would allow him to hide his opinions from Alabamians. He favors de facto amnesty for all illegal aliens, and as for the God-given right to life, he wants no restrictions on abortion and takes it a step further by advocating for pro-prenatal infanticide. What is pro-prenatal infanticide; it means babies murdered outside their mothers’ wombs. 

     Jones is arguably the most vacuous person to ever run for office. He is relying on identity politics and the naivete and gullibility of the people who make up his chosen voting blocs to propel him to victory. He implores Alabama voters to listen to his bumper sticker slogans and don’t ask for details. Jones is a radical leftist committed to concealing his opinions because they will not get him elected. 

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