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There’s Only One Thing Luther Strange Wants You to Know About Him and His Candidacy for the U.S. Senate

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Luther Strange wants you to know that President Trump endorsed him in his bid to become an elected U.S. Senator representing the State of Alabama. Strange also wants you to know that his candidacy is solely built on his endorsement from Trump. 

     During last night’s debate with Judge Roy Moore, Strange spent the greater majority of his allotted time reminding the audience that Trump endorsed him; he told the audience no less than twenty-eight times that Trump endorsed him. How did he spend the rest of his time? When you add the twenty-eight times Strange mentioned Trump’s endorsement with the number of occasions he referenced Trump in a childish act of obvious desperation, you get 164 references to Trump. 

     The people in attendance were treated to such gems as “I’m glad to be his [Trump] friend.” And who could forget “we’ve developed a close, personal friendship.” The following are a few more nuggets of desperation from the establishment candidate:

  • “We have bonded.”
  • “He’s chosen me.”
  • “He believes I’m the man to do that.”
  • “The President is on my side.”

The question we have to ask ourselves is how did Strange “bond” with Trump with his head buried in Mitch McConnell’s anal cavity?

     Strange is pleading with you to remember that Trump endorsed him, and he would like you to ignore several inconvenient facts about him and his campaign. The following is an abbreviated list of Strange’s swamp credentials that he strongly suggests you overlook:

  • Strange requests that you ignore how he became a U.S. Senator
  • McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund has spent $30 million on his campaign.
  • Strange owns 16 percent of Sunbelt, LLC, a company that sells visa access to wealthy foreigners.
  • He worked as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. for 23 years.
  • While working as a lobbyist, Strange represented an apparel company now called Russell Brands. Russell Brands hired Strange to lobby Congress to approve the CAFTA -DR “free trade” agreement. Congress passed CAFTA-DR, and approximately 4,200 Alabamians lost their jobs. Strange worked to move jobs to Mexico and Honduras.
  • Strange refuses to take a position on DACA amnesty.

Strange is a crony capitalist who has sold himself to the highest bidder for decades. However, Strange wants you to focus on one thing, and one thing only, Trump endorsed him.


Judge Roy Moore

     This Tuesday’s runoff between Luther Strange and Roy Moore is a battle between the establishment and a warrior who has dared to challenge the self-proclaimed elites in Washington, D.C.; this election is truly David versus Goliath.

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