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Legal Permanent Resident Drug Mule Sentenced to Prison

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a press release announcing that a federal jury convicted Martin Araiza-Jacobo for “conspiracy to possess and possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver as well as conspiracy to import and importation of methamphetamine following a two-day trial and approximately two hours of deliberation.” Although the DOJ’s press release does not provide details on how and when Jacobo, a drug mule, became a legal permanent resident, we can be sure he was able to secure a permanent vacation in America as the result of the lawless actions of a former President and the ideologues who worked in his administration. The number of Presidents who have provided blanket amnesty to those who enter the United States illegally is long and sad; any policy or executive order that allows illegal aliens to remain in America is amnesty.

drug mule

Meth Candy

     Jacobo is a 56-year-old “dreamer,” that’s right, people of all ages can dream, who came to America with a dream and a lot of meth. Why can’t Jacobo live out his dream of being a drug mule in America? 

     A smart, competent federal bureaucrat issued Jacobo a green card, so he could work in America without having to worry about deportation. A bureaucrat determined in his or her infinite wisdom that Jacobo would be an outstanding American who would provide positive contributions to America. On January 19, 2017, a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer discovered that the bureaucrat who rubber-stamped Jacobo’s application for amnesty made a huge mistake. 

     The CBP officer who stands watch at the Greenway International Bridge questioned Jacobo when he attempted to enter the U.S. through the pedestrian lane, and Jacobo declared he was bringing in sandwiches and two bags of candies from Mexico; don’t forget to declare your dreams, Jacobo. Unfortunately, for the dreamer, the CBP officer inspected his bags and discovered more than just dreams inside them. The CBP officer noticed that the candies inside the bag did not match the candy images displayed on the bag. An x-ray examination revealed “anomalies in both bags.” When officers opened the bags, they discovered 83 packages containing 5.19 kilograms of meth; Jacobo dreams big.

     There are plenty of politicians, bureaucrats, and special interest groups who would argue that Jacobo’s crime is no big deal, it’s a victimless crime carried out by a Mexican who was unemployed because America is racist. Unfortunately, the DOJ has no clue how long Jacobo has worked as a drug mule nor do they know how much meth or any other drugs he transported into America. We also know that a fed gov bureaucrat arbitrarily decided that Jacobo was worthy of a green card. Unfortunately, the nameless, faceless bureaucrat who unleashed Jacobo on the American people will not face punishment for his or her actions.

     Don’t you think if bureaucrats were held accountable for their actions, they might try to conduct due diligence before rubber stamping visas, green cards, et cetera? For instance, if an “immigration” bureaucrat had to at least face termination from his or her job for making a monumental mistake such as granting a drug mule a lifetime vacation in America that the bureaucrat would put some thought into the processing of applications for what is always actually amnesty; nobody gets deported or voluntarily leaves America. Jacobo was sentenced to 120 months in prison, the bureaucrat who processed his “immigration” papers got nothing. 

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