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Multiculturalism is the Theme of the Party at the End of the World And Muslims Do Not Wish to Attend

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Multiculturalism destroyed the West, and that putrid smell is its decomposing body. The mentally deficient cowards who rule the West are exhausted and fresh out of ideas. Western Civilization has served as the world’s petri dish by experimenting with communism, liberalism, socialism, spiritualism, naturalism, atheism, humanism, secularism, fascism, rationalism, etcetera, etcetera, and although all still exist in some capacity throughout the Western world, they have failed to satisfy westerners who have shed Christianity to wander the forest alone.


     Now that man is free to live life unencumbered by God, religion, and morality; he is free to pursue whatever provides him with the greatest amount of pleasure. Progressives have delivered abortion, abortifacients, same-sex marriage, no-fault divorces, euthanasia, and gender reassignment, so there is nothing left to do but throw a party; however, Muslims do not wish to attend.

     Progressives are throwing a party, and the theme is multiculturalism. Western leaders in America and Europe are under the spell of a cult of ignorance that has as its mission the death of the West; the cult of cultural relativism is pernicious and fatal. Unfortunately, our leaders and the useful idiots who support them are blind to a crucial fact that prevents the peace and harmony necessary to throw a global party, 1.6 billion people on the planet have made it very clear that they don’t want to party with them.

     Multiculturalism is an abject failure, but Western leaders have concluded that the elixir for the world’s problems is multiculturalism; the party must continue. Unfortunately, at the detriment of Christians and non-believers, the party is often interrupted by Islamic terrorists who reject everything multiculturalists offer. Muslims have made it clear by words and deeds that they have no interest in celebrating the end of history. In the last thirty days, there were 152 Islamic attacks in 28 countries resulting in 987 deaths and another 1,318 people injured; so much for celebrating diversity. Islamic attacks are ignored by the mainstream media in America and Europe unless an attack is carried out in a Western city; location is everything. Unfortunately, the only response the West can muster after an Islamic terrorist attack, besides the wall-to-wall coverage by television news outlets, is a candlelight vigil, maybe a concert. The jihadists have declared war on the West and they are unfazed by candles and music.


     America and Europe’s ruling class have foisted multiculturalism on the people they claim to represent, and nothing is going to persuade them to change course. It appears that Western leaders are willing to let people die while they wait for 1.6 billion Muslims to join the party. One suspects that the self-proclaimed elites in the West are under the impression that once Muslims spend time in a socialist democracy of their choosing, the allure of sexual license, pornography, abortion on demand, reality television, electronics, café lattes, fast food, and cheap goods made in China will be too much to resist, and they will renounce Islam. What our “elites” do not understand is that progressive liberty, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, iPhones, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart are not accurate representations of Western Civilization and are weak and ineffectual against 1.6 billion people who think it is their destiny to rule the world. When you lose your Judeo-Christian beliefs, any meaning you subscribe to your life is a delusion and therefore unable to counter Islam with anything meaningful and useful.

     God endowed human beings with natural rights. The purpose of government is to protect the natural rights of citizens. Progressives have replaced natural rights with “human rights” granted by the state, not God. Progressive politicians claim they can maintain rights without the source, God. God and Christianity are no longer welcome in the West, which means anything goes. However, people should keep in mind that conduct deprived of its religious supports deteriorates into Epicurean chaos; the party at the end of the world is going to be wild.

     Our progressive leaders decided multiculturalism is the cure for the world’s ailments and it will hasten the end of history. There’s no need to contemplate questions such as why do humans exist, what is the meaning of life, what is the best form of government; multiculturalism is the answer. There is nothing left to do but slap a coexist bumper sticker on your Prius, crank up Imagine on your iPod, and drive to the party at the end of the world where you will be able to snuggle under the diversity quilt unless Islamists crash the party.

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