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Jon Ossoff’s Campaign is Funded and Managed by Yankees Resolved to Destroy Georgia

Posted in Culture, Politics8 months ago • Written by Defender Of Liberty1 Comment

Jon Ossoff’s campaign for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District is funded and managed by Yankees resolved to destroy Georgia. The Democrat establishment anointed Ossoff as the candidate for the congressional seat vacated by Representative Tom Price when he accepted the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Trump administration and poured money into his campaign in an attempt to win last night’s special election outright by capturing over fifty percent of the vote. Ossoff failed despite millions of dollars in outside money and thousands of Yankees traveling to Georgia to work for his campaign.


     In June, Ossoff will face a runoff election against Republican Karen Handel who split the sparse Republican vote with eleven fellow Republicans. The impending runoff election escapes Ossoff and the Yankees who funded and managed his campaign because they have declared the results of the special election as ‘a victory for the ages.’ Of course, it could be that they are willfully ignorant of the facts surrounding the special election.

     Ossoff’s campaign workers and volunteers traveled from New York City, California, and Washington, D.C. to educate the dumb hillbillies in east Cobb County, northern Fulton County, and northern DeKalb County about the error of their ways; belief in God, patriotism, and exercising their Second Amendment right. Along with the Yankees and their “enlightened” opinions came millions in donations from Democrats who view the special election as another chance to make inroads in the South to eventually flip states below the Mason-Dixon Line Democrat. Yankees poured a staggering $8.3 million, ninety-five percent from progressives who live in Godless cities such as New York City, into Ossoff’s campaign. The liberal website Daily Kos sent $1 million to Ossoff. The money raised and spent by Handel and her fellow Republicans is a pittance compared to what Ossoff raised and spent.

     Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel raised $463,000 and had $183,000 in the bank a few days before election day; Handel’s campaign said nearly ninety percent of donations came from individual donors in Georgia. When you compare and contrast the two campaigns and their returns on investments, it is evident the Ossoff campaign should have easily trounced Handel and the rest of the field. Ossoff received 92,390 votes compared to Handel’s 37,993 votes. Ossoff paid $89.84 per vote; Handel paid $7.37 per vote. Ossoff spent an obscene $5.5 million on television advertisements alone, compared to Handel’s paltry $75,000 expenditure for television ads. However, the astronomical amount of money spent by Ossoff is irrelevant because Democrats are committed to an agenda far more important than Ossoff.

     Why are Yankees meddling in an election in Georgia? 

     The late, great historian Dr. Forrest McDonald wrote an article titled Why Yankees Won’t (and Can’t) Leave the South Alone in which he explains with great accuracy why Yankees are determined to reform Southerners. McDonald explains that “the Yankees’ latest campaign to remake us in their image is well under way.” McDonald points out that Southerners are not under such particular pressure as in the past, no pointing the accusing finger, but the absence of specific pressure does not mean Yankees have abandoned their agenda. McDonald writes:

As for the absence of specific pressure, one need only check the Yankees reform agenda—a host of particular items which add up to a wholesale onslaught against conventional morality, the family, and religion to perceive that they have in mind a more drastic overhaul of our society than any that Thaddeus Stevens ever dreamed of.

McDonald captures the essence of what drives Democrats to pour money into an election like the one in Georgia; they have an agenda to remake the South.

     McDonald ends his article by writing:

I believe that somewhere deep in the innermost recesses of their atrophied souls, Yankees know that they have truly botched things, and truly are plagued with guilt. That, I think, is the bottom line: the Yankee hates himself, and he hates his heritage.

And why does he hate us? Because we do not hate ourselves and we treasure ours.

The exuberance Ossoff’s supporters showed after he garnered the most votes in the special election is rooted in self-hate, hatred of America, and hatred for proud Southerners who have not demonstrated a willingness to give up their heritage.

     The Yankees who have descended upon Georgia view Ossoff’s campaign as an opportunity to eventually transform all of Georgia, not just the Sixth Congressional District; a transformation that brings high taxes, numerous regulations, political corruption, sexual license, abortion mills, and a government-centered religion, you know, like New York City, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, et al. Ossoff’s donors and volunteers think his showing in the special election will propel him to victory thereby putting them one step closer to a second reconstruction of the South.

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  1. capitolhillrose April 22, 2017 at 2:34 PM - Reply

    STILL fighting the Civil War apparently.Bless their little hearts.

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