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Schumer Instinctively Takes Money From Corporations

Posted in Politics7 months ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

Chuck Schumer stood on the Senate floor to announce that he will not vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to sit on the United States Supreme Court. Schumer alerts us that Gorsuch is not a “mainstream justice” because his record shows he applies the law to rule on cases; doesn’t Gorsuch know that the Democrat Party’s agenda trumps the law? Schumer finds Gorsuch unfit to sit on the court because “he is someone who almost instinctively favors the powerful over the weak, corporations over working Americans; there could not be a worse time for someone with those instincts.” Schumer’s list of campaign donors indicates that he instinctively takes money from corporations.

     Schumer’s words are bumper sticker slogans meant to send a message to the ill-informed people who vote for him that he is fighting for the working class. Schumer’s attempt to smear Gorsuch by claiming Gorsuch is a shill for corporations is smoke and mirrors for a politician who is owned by corporations.

     The following is an abbreviated list of recent donations from the powerful and incorporated who regularly make campaign donations to Schumer:

Do you think the law firms, investments firms, and corporations listed above are making donations to Schumer because they like that he sheds tears when he is demagoguing? What do you suppose the rich, powerful, and incorporated want from Schumer? Schumer takes corporate money in exchange for his legislative loyalty.


Judge Neil Gorsuch

     Gorsuch renders decisions on cases based on the United States Constitution. Schumer introduces and votes on legislation based on the marching orders he receives from his corporate donors. Schumer is corporate chattel wailing about a judge who has never accepted a penny from a corporation; who favors the “powerful over the weak, corporations over working Americans?”

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A frustrated conservative who is very concerned that America has entered its twilight years. Dan has a B.A. in political philosophy and an MBA with a concentration in finance. He has an honorable discharge from the United States Navy after serving for several years after graduating from high school. Please share this with liberals and RINOs because there is nothing better than upsetting them. The U.S. is no longer a constitutional republic, but rather an oligarchy. We live in a post constitutional America where competing tribes sell their votes for the promise of freebies. America is on the cusp of being lost to Marxists and their army of bureaucrats unless the American people move outside of their comfort zone and get involved the same way Marxists have gotten involved by infiltrating the political, educational, and bureaucratic systems.

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