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Executive Order: One In, Two Out

Posted in Bureaucracy12 months ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

President Trump’s Executive Order pertaining to regulations, “one in, two out,” is a step in the right direction but doesn’t go far enough to curb the voracious appetite politicians and bureaucrats have for power. However, the Executive Order does somewhat neuter the bureaucracy because it will be difficult for the functionaries to identify regulations for elimination. A significant order would prohibit new regulations and require a specific number of regulations be eradicated each month. The only solution for reining in the federal government is to dispose of hundreds of thousands of regulations.

Executive Order

     The Federal Register contains all of the rules and regulations written and enacted by the unelected officials who exert unlimited power over the American people, and it is voluminous; 82,000 pages. A one in, two out policy on regulations will not significantly reduce the size and reach of the bureaucracy.

     What regulations could be necessary considering everyone and everything are heavily regulated? If you visit and peruse the hundreds of thousands of documents, you will realize that the federal government controls every aspect of your life and every transaction conducted by businesses. For example, type “toilets” into the search function and it will produce 1,415 documents that provide a disturbing glimpse into the administrative state. The toilets search gives you access to absurd documents such as “standards for sanitary toilets in coal mines” and “locomotive cab sanitation standards.” Type “toaster” in the search function and you will discover that the nanny state is regulating every part of a toaster; the heating element, buttons, etc. How much evidence does one need before concluding that the federal government is unmoored from the U.S. Constitution and tyrannizes over the American people and businesses?

     America is being crushed under the weight of dictatorial edicts issued by nameless, faceless bureaucrats who long ago forgot that they are public servants paid by American taxpayers. It is going to take more than an Executive Order to restrain the administrative state, and Congress has a part to play because it is guilty of passing countless laws that were intentionally vague to allow them to evade responsibility while positioning the bureaucracy as the primary actor. Congress passes ambiguous legislation and directs the administrators to devise and implement rules and regulations related to the laws. Congress empowered the bureaucrats, so it must take significant steps to render it impotent; power must be returned to the people.

     The 82,000 pages of regulations in the Federal Register are proof that politicians do not trust the American people to govern themselves. Congress must pass legislation to repeal laws to alleviate the restrictive regulations that are destroying individual liberty and free enterprise. President Trump must follow up his Executive Order on regulations by working with Republicans to pass legislation to eliminate large segments of the bureaucracy, including the expulsion of departments and agencies.


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