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Trump Administration Must Purge Obama Weasels

Posted in Bureaucracy1 year ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

The biggest challenge facing the Trump administration is identifying and removing the tens of thousands of Obama weasels who inhabit the hundreds of federal departments and agencies because they are going to transition from little dictators who tyrannize over the American people to saboteurs. The law-breaking weasels in the federal government who were hired by Obama drones to devise and implement tyrannical regulations will attempt to block every effort by Trump’s department heads and deputies to purge rules and regulations they deem sacrosanct.


     The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued 4,000 new regulations during Obama’s eight years in the White House. Do you think the eco-fascists who work at the EPA will surrender their personal and political agendas for an administration that favors limited government? The bureaucrats will not change course to accommodate the Trump administration, but they will attempt to conceal their beliefs to retain their cushy government jobs. Once the weasels are convinced they have successfully deceived their new bosses into thinking they are harmless and can be trusted, they will take whatever actions they deem necessary to undermine the Trump administration.

     President-elect’s EPA nominee is Oklahoma’s Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Pruitt has a long history of mounting legal challenges against Obama’s EPA’s totalitarian regulations, so it is unlikely that any bureaucrat currently working for the EPA will gleefully jettison his radical beliefs to serve the American people. The fake news outlet The New York Times labeled Pruitt a “climate change denialist,” so NYT’s comrades at the EPA are more likely to serve as informants for fake news outlets rather than take their marching orders from Pruitt. Pruitt must purge the EPA or face a rat infestation.

     Pruitt and the rest of President-elect Trump’s nominees must realize that federal departments and agencies are occupied by weasels who prefer regulations over liberty. The Obama administration issued 20,642 new regulations designed to transform America into a bureaucratic utopia, so the bureaucrats who wrote the regulations cannot continue their employment. The Trump administration must lop off the cancerous tumors that infect the limbs of the federal government or face a rat infestation that could derail its plans for transitioning the federal leviathan from bureaucrat kings who rule over the American people to servants of the American people.

     The videos above are reminders of the schemes executed by Obama drones designed to steal and waste the money confiscated from American taxpayers and conceal their nefarious activities; drain the swamp.

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