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Marquette Professors Make ‘Social Justice’ Workshops Mandatory

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Marquette University is a private, Catholic university that long ago abandoned the teachings of the Church to proselytize for the Democrat Party. Marquette’s dedication to the ideology of the Democrat Party includes “social justice” workshops designed to shame and guilt white students to motivate them to pledge allegiance to the party. A primary part of the institutionalized hate served up by Marquette is workshops such as a “reflection session” titled “Building An Anti-Racist Society” that many professors have incorporated into their classes as a mandatory activity.


     The description for Building An Anti-Racist Society says it all and then some. The white students who participate in the reflection session will “discuss and give examples of how the pervasive nature of white privilege and white supremacy affect you, your service learning experience, and society as a whole.” The white students at Marquette have the privilege of paying $38,000 annually to attend a university that considers them the root of all the social justice issues their professors and university administrators have identified and defined for them.

     The progressives who own and operate the greater majority of colleges and universities in the United States have redefined the mission of their academies from education to indoctrination for the good of the party. Marquette’s reflection sessions are designed to stigmatize white people thereby stigmatizing the white students to the point that they acquiesce and join the cult of progressivism. In “higher learning” institutions across America, the professors and administrators demand moral and intellectual conformity from their students because they see their role, not as “educators” serving the students, but as party loyalists tasked by the Democrat Party to deliver votes to progressive politicians. Today’s colleges are Orwellian re-education camps serving the party.

     Do you recall in Book 3, Chapter 2 of George Orwell’s 1984 when Winston was being interrogated and tortured by Agent O’Brien?

O’Brien: Do you remember writing in your diary that freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four?

Winston: Yes.

O’Brien: {O’Brien held up four fingers} How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?

Winston: Four.

O’Brien: And if the party says that it is not four but five — then how many?

Winston: Four.

O’Brien: {Increases electric shock to Winston} How many fingers, Winston?

Winston: Four! Four! What else can I say? Four!

O’Brien: {Electric shock increased} How many fingers, Winston?

Winston: Four! Stop it, stop it! How can you go on? Four! Four!

O’Brien: How many fingers, Winston?

Winston: Five! Five! Five!

Winston was tortured because he refused to suspend the reason God gave him and think as the party thinks. Winston did not willingly succumb to groupthink, so he had to be re-educated by force to surrender his brain to the party. The academies are applying a different type of coercion to their students to achieve intellectual and moral conformity. The institutions use the threat of poor grades, censure, and expulsion to motivate students to conform.

     Each year, high school students submit applications to gain entrance to Orwellian re-education camps that have as their mission the transformation of America into a progressive utopia. The academies are doing a first-rate job of transforming the naive, vulnerable people who are granted admission into loyal subjects of the party. The twist in the whole sordid business is that American taxpayers are funding the indoctrination centers.

     The redistribution of tax dollars confiscated from hard-working American men and women in the form of federal grants and loans make it possible for universities like Marquette to offer reflection sessions like Building An Anti-Racist Society and “Sexism in Our Society;” Ninety-eight percent of Marquette’s students are receiving federal grants and loans. Taxpayers unwillingly make it possible for progressive professors and administrators to carry out their mission; diabolical.

     Marquette University uses the reflection sessions to create “social justice warriors” who are ignorant of the fact that they are nothing more than useful idiots for the Democrat Party. Kudos to progressives for seeing the value decades ago in penetrating colleges and universities to use them as tools to realize their goals.

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