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Governor Kasich Prefers Government Regulations Over Free Enterprise

Posted in Legislation, Politics11 months ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Governor John Kasich of Ohio vetoed HB 554 proving once again that he prefers government regulations over free enterprise. The Ohio legislature passed HB 554 with the purpose of amending tyrannical regulations that require electric distribution utilities and electric services companies to produce 12.5 percent of their power from renewable energy resources and work with their customers to reduce electricity usage by 22.2 by 2027. The politicians and state bureaucrats in Ohio are dictating to energy companies the methods they must use to produce their products, and they require them to work with their customers to limit the amount of electricity they use.


     The Ohio legislature passed HB 554 because energy companies are struggling to meet the renewable energy requirements, so legislators passed the bill to make the renewable energy benchmarks voluntary, rather than mandatory, for the next two years; the law provides a reprieve, not a repeal of the tyrannical regulations. There would be no harm in providing a temporary freeze of the rules, but Kasich doesn’t agree. Kasich offered the following explanation for his veto:

Ohio workers cannot afford to take a step backward from the economic gains that we have made in recent years, however, and arbitrarily limiting Ohio’s energy generation options amounts to self-inflicted damage to both our state’s near and long-term economic competitiveness.

How do you suppose workers in Ohio will be harmed by a two-year freeze on the Soviet-style regulations?  Notice how Kasich refers to the “energy generation options” as Ohio’s options as if the State of Ohio owns the electric distribution utilities and electric services companies that do business in Ohio.

     What motivated Kasich to veto HB 554? Kasich’s veto earned him applause from the left coast, so maybe he was looking for accolades from the alt-left?  The National Wildlife Federation, National Audubon Society, and Sierra Club praised Kasich for his dedication to renewable energy. The Sierra Club of Ohio issued the following statement on Kasich’s veto:

We commend Gov. Kasich for vetoing the Ohio Legislature’s attempt to tie our state to outdated, dirty, and expensive energy resources. The world is doubling down on wind, solar, and energy efficiency, and Ohio’s manufacturing base is now in a better position to maximize that opportunity.

Oh, yes, that proven, effective, stable, reliable, “dirty” energy. Kasich vetoed HB 554 because he is a progressive allied with the self-proclaimed elites who inhabit the left coast.

     What does the Sierra Club mean by “Ohio’s manufacturing base is now in a better position to maximize that opportunity”? There are wind and solar energy companies in Ohio that are unable to compete in a free market because of the lack of demand, so the State of Ohio has passed legislation to prop up wind and solar companies. Kasich and his cronies are opposed to the proposed two-year freeze because their preferred energy companies will suffer. Now that Kasich has vetoed HB 554, electricity companies in Ohio are forced to use alternative sources of energy. The free market will give way to the government market, and power companies will be forced to find renewable energy sources, which means government coercion will compel them to purchase alternative energy; wind and solar companies in Ohio will finally have consumers.

     Kasich veto of HB 554 was not well received by Republicans like State Senator Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati). Sen. Seitz voiced his displeasure with Kasich by offering the following:

It is apparent that Governor Kasich cares more about appeasing his coastal elite friends in the renewable energy business than he does about the millions of Ohioans who decisively rejected this ideology when they voted for President-elect Trump. We can only hope that President Trump and his amazing cabinet of free market capitalists will save us from the regulatory overreach of Al Gore-style policies that take unnecessary money out of ratepayers’ pockets.

Seitz and Republicans in the Ohio legislature do not have to wait for the federal government to rollback the tyrannical regulations. Republicans in the Ohio Assembly have veto-proof majorities in both bodies, so Seitz should sponsor a bill that repeals all regulations pertaining to the renewable energy requirement.

     Kasich is a progressive masquerading as a conservative. Kasich’s veto of HB 554 is another example of his rejection of free market capitalism for government regulations that control corporations and entire industries without going so far as to take ownership of corporations. Regulations are the vehicle Democrats/Liberals/Progressives use to dominate businesses and effectively transfer ownership to bureaucrats who take their marching orders from politicians. Kasich could be so bold as to order the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to seize the electric distribution utilities and electric services companies, but regulations allow Kasich and his ilk to control Ohio’s power companies without using Hugo Chavez-style tactics. The power companies are allowed to retain their assets, but must adhere to all regulations or suffer financial consequences that have the potential to destroy; Hugo Chavez-lite.

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