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Senator Cruz Provides Moral Clarity on Castro Regime

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     The love affair between the American Left and Communist dictators knows no bounds. The death of Fidel Castro has elicited praise from the Left for the murderous dictator that leads one to believe that Castro was doing God’s work in Cuba; nothing could be further from the truth. Senator Ted Cruz responded to the Left’s effusive adulation of Castro by delivering a searing condemnation that provides moral clarity on Castro’s communist regime.

     Cruz makes it clear in his address that Castro’s death is not a sad occasion, but rather a time to be thankful that a savage dictator has passed.

Let me be absolutely clear; we are not mourning the death of some revolutionary romantic or a distinguished statesman. We’re not grieving for the protector of peace or a judicious steward of his people. Today, we are thankful. We are thankful that a man who has imprisoned and tortured and degraded the lives of so many is no longer with us. He has departed for warmer climes.

What Cruz said had to be said to set the record straight about a man who was a butcher, not a benevolent statesman.

moral clarity

Castro Firing Squad

     Communists like Fidel Castro are romanticized and celebrated on college campuses across America. The students who attend the indoctrination centers are force fed a narrative on Castro detached from reality. Cruz wonders why young people worship people like Castro.

What is it about young leftists, what is it about young socialists that they idolize communist dictators who torture and murder people.

The answer is that the youth who attend indoctrination centers in America are brainwashed to make them useful idiots in the Left’s mission to transform America into a communist utopia. Professors sing the praises of barbaric dictators like Castro while avoiding inconvenient truths like torture and mass murder.

     Cruz offers up the truth about a ruthless, communist dictator who tortured and murdered millions of people. Cruz provides moral clarity in a world plagued by moral relativism.

     If you would like to read about Castro’s prisons, firing squads, and tyrannical policies, you can visit this website. The information on the website come from Cubans who provide firsthand accounts of the savagery that Castro unleashed on the Cuban people. When you visit the site, you will read harrowing accounts of imprisonment, torture, and murder that defy the fantastical reality the American Left has created for Castro.

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