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Private Colleges Better Pay Attention to Senate Bill 3368

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     The politicians and bureaucrats who inhabit Washington, D.C. are on a mission to federalize every level of education. The latest effort by the tyrants in D.C. to federalize private colleges and universities is Senate Bill 3368
(S. 3368), and private colleges better pay attention to the bill. The legislation is sponsored by Senators Chris Coons (D-Delaware) and Johnny Isakson (RINO-Georgia) and is known as the Access, Success, and Persistence in Reshaping Education Act of 2016. The purpose of the legislation is to coerce private colleges into taking steps to realize a particular racial balance of its student body determined by the tyrants who work at the U.S. Department of Education (DOE).  

private colleges

Senator Chris Coons (Progressive)

     The proposed legislation Coons and Isakson have introduced is a big government power grab that will effectively federalize private academies that accept federal money from their students. Coons and Isakson have determined that private colleges and universities have to admit “underrepresented minorities,” but do not produce any proof that private institutions are unjustly denying admission to any particular group of people. Coons and Isakson are statists who view the autonomy private academies enjoy as antithetical to their progressive ideology, so proof is unnecessary.

private colleges

Senator Johnny Isakson (Progressive RINO)

     The Act is unusual in that if it becomes law, there is no out for private institutions. If/When the legislation becomes law and a private institution has a single student receiving a Federal Pell Grant or federal student loan, it will be forced to follow the pernicious regulations or face penalties levied by the DOE. Private colleges and universities will have to clear the deck immediately, or start recruiting Alaskan Natives, American Indians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Pacific Islanders; how many? The legislation doesn’t provide particular numbers for the “underrepresented minorities,” but eventually the Secretary of Education will provide the figures.

     Here is how the measure, if passed, will work.

  • The Secretary of Education will establish what is an adequate racial balance for private colleges.
  • The Secretary of Education will rank private institutions based on his criteria.
  • When a private college is ranked in the bottom five percent, the Secretary of Education will levy penalties.
  • The private academies that are penalized “shall develop a plan, not later than one year after the date of notification and in consultation with the Secretary, to meet or rise above the threshold mark.”

Private institutions will have no option other than to comply.

     The redistribution of federal tax dollars is an effective tool Democrats/Liberals/Progressives use to bring everyone and everything under federal control. Once a person or entity accepts federal tax dollars, they are vulnerable to the machinations of progressive politicians and fed gov bureaucrats who have as their aim a totalitarian regime. However, the most advantageous aspect of the redistribution of federal tax dollars is how it corrals votes for Democrats/Liberals/Progressives to give them the power to install a regime that passes tyrannical edicts like S. 3368.

     S. 3368 must be defeated in the Senate to stop the ceaseless threat to education presented by national politicians and federal government bureaucrats. The never-ending attack by progressives like Coons and Isakson on the private sector have to be repelled because the alternative to liberty is tyranny.

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