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Obama Warns Against Nationalism

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     Barack Hussein Obama is currently traveling through Europe talking about the promises of globalism while warning against nationalism. On his stop in Athens, Greece, Obama lamented the results of America’s presidential election and complained that President-elect Donald Trump appealed to the emotions of people who feel threatened by multiculturalism. Obama warned that nationalism is synonymous with war, genocide, and death. It appears that the globalists are not going to let their internationalist agenda die despite the tidal wave of nationalism that is sweeping  America and Europe and gave use Brexit and President-elect Donald Trump. 


Everybody can feel threatened sometimes if people don’t do things exactly the way they do things, they start asking themselves questions about their own identity and it can create a volatile politics. Faced with this new reality where cultures clash, it’s inevitable that some will seek a comfort in nationalism, or tribe, or ethnicity, or sect.

You must jettison your country, religion, and identity to pave the way for a new world order that is governed by the self-proclaimed elites at the United Nations (UN); cleanse yourself and paradise will be your reward.

     Why such harsh words for nationalism? Nationalism is the reason there is no longer a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Ronald Reagan’s nationalism defeated the “evil empire,” liberating Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Poles, and Czechs, and allowing those who suffered under Soviet rule to splinter off into fifteen separate nations.

     The former Yugoslavia is now Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Slovenia, and Croatia. The carving up of Yugoslavia into separate nations based on religion and ethnicity, not diversity, has proven to be the prescription for ending the ethnic and religious conflicts that plagued Yugoslavia; this region of the world is no longer a war zone.

     What was the impetus for creating Israel? A diverse group of people did not found Israel, it was Jewish people who created Israel, and it is nationhood that compels the Jews in Israel to insist that Israel is recognized as a “Jewish State.”

     Obama rejects nationalism because it is antithetical to the Godless heaven he seeks. Diversity will lay the foundation for paradise, so it is imperative that people reject individualism for the collective; through the UN all things are possible; let go and let the UN. Obama and his fellow globalists want an even more multicultural, multiethnic, and multiracial America and Europe because diversity obliterates a nation’s history, religion, customs, and values, so the common threads that bind people together are eradicated, which leaves a void; the UN will fill the gap.


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