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Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane Convicted on All Counts

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     The story of Kathleen Kane reads like a political thriller filled with scandal, corruption, and revenge. Kane’s story has never made the national news, but it is newsworthy. Kathleen Kane is the former Attorney General of Pennsylvania who resigned last week after she was convicted for crimes she committed while in office.

     The mainstream media had ignored Kane’s nefarious activities while serving as AG of Pennsylvania because she is a Democrat who was endorsed by Bill Clinton when she ran for AG in 2012. During Kane’s brief time as attorney general, she operated in a Clintonesque manner that proved to be her downfall. This past Monday, a 12-person jury in Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County ruled that Kane’s deplorable behavior was criminal and convicted her on nine different charges related to the leaking of grand jury information to The Philadelphia Daily News, including two counts of felony perjury.

Kathleen Kane and Bill Clinton

     The Democrat Party considered Kane a rising star destined for national office. She became the first female and first Democrat to be elected the AG of Pennsylvania despite her brief, uneventful time as a prosecutor. In 2012, she positioned herself as an “outsider” who would “fight public corruption” if elected; she turned out to be a fraud. In fact, her first act as the newly elected AG was to shut down a corruption investigation of elected officials in Philadelphia.

     Kane showed a great deal of loyalty to her political party but cared nothing about the rule of law. Sound familiar? She shut down an investigation that uncovered the criminal activities of several Democrats who were suspected of taking bribes from a lobbyist. Four Democrats were reportedly caught on video accepting bribes from Tyron Ali, a lobbyist who agreed to wear a wire after being arrested for fraud. The four Democrats caught taking bribes were Louise Bishop, Vanessa Brown, Michelle Brownlee, and Ronald Waters. The four denied any wrongdoing despite audio and video evidence to the contrary. Kane explained her termination of the investigation by claiming that it was “poorly managed” and “tainted with racism.” She countered the public criticism of her decision to end the corruption investigation by declaring that the only reason she is being criticized is that she is a woman. Kane pulled the race card and gender card like a good Democrat who is engaged in a cover-up.

     The story behind the story on Kane’s squelching of the investigation is that the prosecutor, Frank Fina, handling the corruption investigation was labeled by Kane as a political rival who must be neutralized. Kane did not plan on making a public announcement about her decision to end the corruption investigation but was forced to do so after someone in her office leaked it to the media. Kane assumed Fina was the source of the leak, which led her to take action against Fina that included providing grand jury documents to the Daily News from cases Fina prosecuted that she hoped would somehow open him up to criticism that would ultimately shame and discredit him.

     Kane’s paranoia and unquenchable thirst for revenge led to an investigation as to how exactly a newspaper came to possess secret documents. A preliminary investigation into the leaking of grand jury documents resulted in Montgomery County Judge William Carter assigning a special prosecutor, Thomas E. Carluccio, to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. Carluccio presented the findings of his investigation to a grand jury that culminated in the grand jury issuing a presentment to Judge Carter “finding reasonable grounds to believe that violations of criminal law had occurred.” Subsequently, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office conducted an investigation and arrived at the same conclusion as the grand jury. During a press conference, Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman relayed the following:

“This investigative team determined Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane devised a scheme to secretly leak confidential investigative information from secret grand jury materials directly to political operatives in the hopes of embarrassing and harming former state prosecutors she believed — whom she believed, without evidence — had made her look bad.”

Judge Carter, Carluccio, Ferman, and members of the grand jury must be part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Wait for it.

     Kane acknowledged that her office supplied documents to the Daily News, but none of the documents released were material protected by grand jury secrecy laws. It’s sort of like having a personal e-mail account but denying that you used it to disseminate classified information. Kane, in Clintonesque fashion, argued that the investigation was based on partisanship. If Hillary Clinton is elected president and Kane can avoid prison time, it is possible that Kane lands a job in the Clinton administration.

     A few days ago, Kane resigned her position as AG after she was convicted of perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of office. She faces up to fourteen years in prison for two felony counts of perjury, so she might have to continue her fight against public corruption from a prison cell.

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