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Paul Ryan is AWOL from his Congressional District

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     House Speaker Paul Ryan is running for re-election in the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin but has yet to appear at a public event in his district. Ryan is probably just too busy meeting with lobbyists and special interest groups to make an appearance in his district. Ryan has been in Washington, D.C. eighteen years, so he has forged a lot of lucrative relationships with corporatists and they command the majority of his time; they didn’t buy him for nothing. Paul Ryan is MIA from his congressional district.

     Although Ryan is acting like he is running unopposed in tomorrow’s Republican primary, he does have a challenger, Paul Nehlen, an outsider hoping to do to Ryan what Dave Brat did to Eric Cantor in 2012. Ryan has yet to hold a public event in his district and with the Republican primary less than 24 hours away, it doesn’t appear as if Ryan is going to give his constituents an opportunity to interact with him; it looks like his constituents will have to be satisfied with seeing pictures of their representative in political ads on television, or they could drive to Ryan’s mansion in Janesville, Wisconsin to possibly catch a glimpse of him behind the wall that encircles his mansion. Ryan’s constituents cannot connect with him in person, but according to Breitbart Newsthey can connect with a Ryan surrogate.

Paul Ryan

     State Representative Samantha Kerkman is a Ryan surrogate who has been deployed to bracket Nehlen’s rallies. Establishment candidates who have crossed over from being a representative of the people to corporate chattel routinely send surrogates to take their place during re-election campaigns. Kerkman is doing what a surrogate normally does; she is trying to block favorable coverage of an insurgent candidate, in this case Nehlen, by local media by shadowing Nehlen’s campaign to keep control of the narrative.

     This past Saturday, Kerkman showed up at a Nehlen rally held in Janesville and her head must have been spinning because Ann Coulter addressed the crowd to show her support for Nehlen. Coulter excoriated Ryan for his abysmal opinions and voting record on trade, immigration, and national security. Coulter stirred up the crowd when she stated the following:

Ryan supports the Trans Pacific Partnership so that any job that hasn’t already been shipped to Mexico can be sent to Asia. He supports the DREAM Act, or the Leave No Child In Mexico or Central America Behind Act. He opposes a wall on the grounds that, I quote, ‘America is not defined by its borders.’ What does that mean? So if I’m standing in France or Brazil, does that mean I’m really in America? I’m in Wisconsin today—am I really in Paris? What does that mean? Did he get some bad cheese curds? We have drugs and criminals pouring across the border and Paul Ryan’s response is to give us a nonsensical phrase from a Hallmark card: ‘Our Country Is Not Defined By Its Borders.’ Well, I guess a home is not defined by walls, electricity and plumbing, but we still want walls, electricity and plumbing. We not only have immigrants coming in taking jobs, committing crimes, creating victims of illegal alien crime, we also are bringing in immigrants legally who periodically flip out and murder Americans so Donald Trump has a suggestion for how we should not be at mass breakneck speed importing people whose religion teaches them that they should kill us. There’s 7 billion people in the world, we don’t have to take in any of them. Can we at least not take the ones who some percentage of whom are going to flip out and slaughter large numbers of us?

     Ryan is not a representative of his constituents in Wisconsin or the American people. He has consistently voted for progressive legislation that harms America and the American people. The Concerned American has documented Ryan’s progressive voting record, but here is an abbreviated reminder of Ryan’s votes on major legislation in 2015:

  • $1.1 trillion Omnibus funding bill – Yes
  • Raise debt by $1.5 trillion – Yes
  • Fund Planned Parenthood – Yes
  • Obama – Fast Track Authority for TPP – Yes
  • $500 billion health care bill – Yes
  • Stop funding for Obama’s amnesty for illegal immigrants – No

     Ryan is a progressive who rubber stamps everything Obama and the Democrats propose. He is another arrogant politician serving as a puppet for corporations like Koch Industries and Blackstone Group. The people in the 1st District should end Ryan’s cushy existence as a career politician and vote him out of office so that he can start his new career as a lobbyist.

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