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Michigan Legislature Defends Adoption Agencies Against Progressives

Posted in Culture, Legislation1 year ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Progressives in Washington, D.C. and across America are working tirelessly to destroy American culture and replace it with Sodom and Gomorrah regulated by socialist elites. Now that the Supreme Court of the United States has made same-sex marriage the law of the land despite it not having the power to make law, progressives and their useful idiots in the homosexual community are gunning for churches and adoption agencies. Churches are being sued by homosexuals who are demanding that clergymen preside over their marriage ceremonies in their churches. The cultural jihadists are also suing adoption agencies to force the agencies to provide them with children. Although a lawsuit is sure to follow, the Michigan legislature passed HB4189, a bill that defends adoption agencies against progressives who have turned children into political footballs.


     HB4189 is newsworthy because it was passed by a legislature that is not located in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, or Texas, and because the members of the Michigan legislature had the moral courage to pass a bill knowing that the State of Michigan will get sued because the State of Mississippi is being sued by a progressive organization named Campaign for Southern Equality for banning adoptions to same-sex couples; the Campaign for Southern Equality is made up of northeastern progressives who have set up shop to force their evil agenda on the south. The passage of HB4189 is a positive sign that there are people up north who have not surrendered to the progressive elites and their foot soldiers.

     HB4189 defends adoption agencies that refuse adoption services based on their religious beliefs. The law states:

“A child placing agency shall not be required to provide adoption services if those adoption services conflict with, or provide adoption services under circumstances that conflict with, the child placing agency’s sincerely held religious beliefs contained in a written policy, statement of faith, or other document adhered to by the child placing agency.”

The passage of HB4189 is not going to sit well with progressives. The State of Michigan can expect a lawsuit shortly.     

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