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Colin Kaepernick’s Hollow Gesture

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     The world wide web is buzzing over Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the national anthem before a preseason game. Kaepernick explained that the reason he sat during the national anthem is that black people in America are oppressed. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder,” stated Kaepernick. Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem is a hollow gesture from a pampered, overpaid athlete.

     It is a mystery as to why Kaepernick has decided to volunteer as a useful idiot; maybe he is bored. Is it possible his $114,000,000 contract, with a signing bonus of $12,328,766 and $61,000,000 guaranteed, is a contract riddled with oppressive requirements? Black people cannot get ahead in America! Do you know that he is slumming it in a $2.7 million mansion in San Jose, California? America sucks!

     Someone needs to let Kaepernick know that through July 9th of this year, there have been 440 police shooting victims and 54 percent of the victims were white, which far outpaces black victims who account for 28 percent of the victims. White people are getting murdered by police at an alarming rate, but as of now there is no White Lives Matter group, not even a single protest much less rioting and looting to force the ‘man’ to pay attention. Maybe Kaepernick will get the ball rolling with a hollow gesture for the white victims?

     Kaepernick is ignorant of the facts regarding police shootings and conveniently ignores statistics on black-on-black crime. Black people are being murdered by black people at an alarming rate, yet Kaepernick and those of his ilk like Barack Hussein Obama don’t acknowledge it. From 1980 – 2008, 93 percent of black murder victims were murdered by black people. Chicago is a symbol of black-on-black crime that cannot be ignored, but it is overlooked by Kaepernick.

     As of today, the total number of shooting victims in Chicago is 2,818; 84 percent represent black-on-black crime. The number of people who perished has reached 464 with four months left in the year. If/When you visit the website Homicide Watch Chicago, you will see that it is black people, not cops who are murdering black people in record numbers. Why doesn’t this bother Kaepernick? Why does he not address black-on-black crime in a meaningful way, not a hollow gesture, but real action? He could visit to get a sobering picture of black-on-black crime that might motivate him to do something more than just sit during the national anthem. He could use his mansion to house several black people from Chicago to allow them to escape a dangerous existence, or write some checks to help some black people flee their neighborhoods? Nay, he prefers hollow gestures over action

     If Kaepernick is not interested in helping his fellow black people liberate themselves from their crime-riddled neighborhoods maybe he is interested in stopping black genocide?

     Abortion is the number one killer of black people in America, yet it garners zero attention. I think it is safe to assume that Kaepernick never thinks about the millions of black babies that have been murdered, right?

Not Even a Hollow Gesture

This year, 123 black people have been fatally shot by cops. Thus far, this year, 721,738 babies have been aborted in the United States, 267,140 black babies. You do the math; Kaepernick needs to do the math!

     Do you think Kaepernick is aware of the following quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety. How can the dream survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate.”

As of today, Kaepernick has not been able to muster up a hollow gesture for black babies who are being slaughtered on a daily basis. To be fair, he probably doesn’t have time because he’s busy stamping out mystical oppression.

     Kaepernick and people like him lend lip service to fictitious problems that are in the news and trending on social media while ignoring real problems that demand a useful response. Cultural illnesses are begging for action not hollow gestures from misinformed attention hounds.

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