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Co$k! Not Glocks Protest a Dud

Posted in Culture1 year ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     The planning for the Co$k! Not Glocks rally on the University of Texas (UT) campus started months ago and supposedly would be the biggest anti-gun rally in Texas history. Social media websites (warning: graphic) provided the fuel for the engine that would power a rally to end all rallies; this would be the protest that would push Texas legislators to repeal the passage of SB 11 that allows the carrying of handguns by license holders on college campuses.

     The organizers of the event claimed tens of thousands of people were going to show up to demand co$k! not Glocks on Texas campuses; they were wrong. The rally only garnered a couple of hundred people, which is weird because the protest organizers were armed with 5,000 dildos free to those who showed up to rail against gun rights. The Co$k! Not Glocks protest was a dud, but the silver lining is that there’s approximately 4,800 dildos left for future protests and self-love.

Co$k! not Glocks

     The school year just started at UT and campuses across America, but UT delivered something the rest of the colleges and universities could not, dildos. Can you imagine incoming freshmen wandering around the UT campus looking for the bookstore, cafeteria, etc., etc. and stumbling upon people waving dildos and holding signs while yelling “co$k! not Glocks” or “wangs not bangs?” Welcome!

     These dildo wielding students should delay their entrance into the real world as long as they can because they’ve wrecked any chance of getting the job they expect once they finish college. Picture this, the young lady in the picture above finally lands a job interview despite her worthless degree. Her interview goes well, and she thinks she is a lock for the job. She goes home and tells her parents that her “hard work” at UT is finally going to pay off. Unfortunately, the Human Resources Department conducts a background check that includes searching social media and finds plenty of pictures like the one above; her potential employer decides to pass.

UT student

     What about the chap with a sign and a dream in the picture above? The odds are trending at about 100 percent that he has posted plenty of self-destructive pictures on his various social media pages. If/When he graduates from UT, he can expect the real world to put its giant co$k up his ill-prepared rectum. His only hope is socialism. Of course, if you want to see the rotten fruits of socialism all you have to do is take a look at Venezuela. Game over!

     Gun rights win, co$k! lose. However, why can’t guns and co$k! coexist? Hey, keep up the good fight, and don’t forget to clean your dildos. 

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