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Senator Ted Cruz Should Have Stayed Home

Posted in Politics2 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Senator Ted Cruz delivered an excellent speech at the Republican National Convention, but his words are overshadowed by the vitriol that surrounds his decision not to endorse Donald Trump. If one missed Cruz’s speech, but turned on Trump News, aka Fox News, you would think Cruz burned up a school bus full of kindergartners (see video below). It turns out, Cruz didn’t commit a heinous act of any kind unless holding tight to one’s principles is a crime, or holding a grudge for reality television type attacks (Alinsky tactics) made against oneself and his family is a crime. However, Cruz should have ignored whatever impulse he had to show up at the RNC and stayed home instead.

     The question that is begging for an answer is why did Cruz accept an invitation to speak at the RNC? A few weeks ago, Trump asked for and was granted a private meeting with Cruz. The purpose of the meeting was to extend an invitation to Cruz to speak at the convention. Cruz should have declined the invitation, period, but he foolishly accepted. Why? It is a strong possibility that Cruz’s advisors and consultants are providing atrocious advice that has the potential to end any chance Cruz might have had to capture the Republican nomination in 2020.

     Cruz’s advisors should have advised him to stay home. When Trump extended the invitation, Cruz had won. Do you remember when Trump said, he doesn’t need conservatives, Christians, or a unified GOP to win the presidency? Logic and math beg to differ, and Trump, or someone who has his ear, understands that if the party base stays home like they did in 2008 and 2012, he will, despite his bombastic prediction, go down in flames. Trump needs Cruz’s supporters to vote for him in November, which means Cruz could have declined the invitation and privately declared victory.

     Trump brags a lot about the historic number of votes he received in the primaries. The fact Trump conveniently leaves out is that a historic number of people voted for someone other than him in the primaries. The math is not on Trump’s side, which has to be the reason he chose the conservative Governor Mike Pence for his running mate; Trump needs to appeal to the voters he claimed he didn’t need, and he needs Pence to convince wealthy donors like the Koch brothers to make donations to his campaign. Trump and Pence have nothing in common other than their gender, so picking Pence for VP is an act of desperation. Cruz’s success in the primaries pushed Trump into choosing a running mate that will hopefully appeal to Cruz’s supporters enough to sway them to vote for him; this is a victory for Cruz and conservatives.

     What was Cruz’s motivation for taking the stage at the convention? Did the lingering effects of Trump’s nasty, reality star attacks push him onto that stage? Does Cruz not have a single trusted advisor with the foresight to let him know that he had nothing to gain by speaking at the convention?

     Senator Ted Cruz should not have been anywhere near Cleveland; he should have stayed home.

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