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Governor Mark Dayton is a Degenerate

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     There is a crisis of leadership and character in America, and Governor Mark Dayton (Democrat) of Minnesota is the embodiment of this corrosive crisis. His comments on an incident between a police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, and Philando Castile, an armed robbery suspect, are irresponsible, useless, and divisive. The incident resulted in fatal gunshot wounds for Castile, which provided a golden opportunity for Dayton; a good Democrat, who would never pass up a chance to foment hate as part of a divide and conquer strategy to deliver votes for power, to spew his poisonous venom. Governor Mark Dayton is a degenerate.

Mark Dayton

Governor Mark Dayton at Black Lives Matter Event.

     In the immediate aftermath of the shooting of Castile, Dayton stated: “Would this have happened if those passengers, the driver were white?” he asked. “I don’t think it would have.” These words are not the words of a leader of sound, moral character.

     Dayton’s provocative words will prejudice the outcome of any investigation into the matter. We do not know the facts of the case. We have a video from Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Lavish Reynolds, that she live streamed (bizarre) on Facebook after Castile got shot, so we do not know what transpired before the gun shots. Dayton’s statement has put a target on cops and white people and provided the justification for more violence and bloodshed. Although Dayton does not know any details related to the incident, his lack of knowledge did not stop him from making a calculated, ignorant remark because he is a pariah. Dayton’s statement on the shooting of Castile is something a member of Black Lives Matter or the Black Panther Party would utter, not a leader with all of his faculties.

     A leader has to be better than the people he leads. A leader is a positive role model who unifies and inspires people. He is always rational, calm, and selfless. A leader is a morally upright individual who motivates others to strive to be better people. Dayton lacks all of these attributes like his fellow progressives Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He is not a leader; he is a race peddler.

     Dayton was not an accomplice in the murder of five police officers during a Black Livers Matter protest in Dallas, but he is part of the equation because he is complicit in an ideology that encourages civil discord.

     Dayton is not fit to be a governor. He should be made to account for his disgusting statement, and the voters of Minnesota should make sure it happens.

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A frustrated conservative who is very concerned that America has entered its twilight years. Dan has a B.A. in political philosophy and an MBA with a concentration in finance. He has an honorable discharge from the United States Navy after serving for several years after graduating from high school. Please share this with liberals and RINOs because there is nothing better than upsetting them. The U.S. is no longer a constitutional republic, but rather an oligarchy. We live in a post constitutional America where competing tribes sell their votes for the promise of freebies. America is on the cusp of being lost to Marxists and their army of bureaucrats unless the American people move outside of their comfort zone and get involved the same way Marxists have gotten involved by infiltrating the political, educational, and bureaucratic systems.

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