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Governor Fallin’s Ambition Trumps Natural Right to Life

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The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. – Tenth Amendment

Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society. – George Washington

I have always been pro-life, and I am glad that the pendulum is finally swinging back to common sense on this vital issue. – 2006 House campaign website,, “Issues,” November 7, 2006

In Oklahoma, we recognize that families, not federal agencies, are the building blocks of society. We believe in the right to life, and we believe the unborn have an equal claim to that right as the born. – 2010 House campaign website,, “Issues,” November 2, 2010

     The House and Senate in Oklahoma passed S.B. 1552 amending the statutes that govern physician licensure. The legislation revises the statutes to make it a felony for a physician to perform an abortion in Oklahoma. The bill passed 59-9 in the House, and 33-12 in the Senate, but on May 20, 2016, Governor Mary Fallin vetoed the bill. Why did a self-proclaimed pro-life politician veto an anti-abortion bill?

    The legislation was easily passed in the House and the Senate, so the only step left in the legislative process was a signature from the governor. However, the pro-life governor shocked the members of the legislature and the people of Oklahoma by vetoing the measure. Fallin issued the following statement to explain her veto:

Although Senate Bill 1552 excludes a mother’s threat of self-harm from the exception preserving the life of the mother, Senate Bill 1552 does not define “necessary to preserve the life of the mother.” The absence of any definition, analysis or medical standard renders this exception vague, indefinite and vulnerable to subjective interpretation and application.

Evidently, Fallin wants politicians to attempt to account for every medical scenario that might warrant an abortion to save the life of a mother; impossible. The governor’s objection to the language of the bill is perplexing because she had reviewed and provided verbal approval in advance of its introduction in the legislature.

     A statement released by Protect Life and Marriage OK reveals that Governor Fallin was aware of the intent of the bill:

A nationally renowned attorney, along with a group of pastors and legislators, met personally with Fallin last year in an hour-long meeting in her boardroom at 10 am on October 8, 2015. The meeting was a success as the purpose was to inform the governor of this strategy and secure her promised support if the bill got to her desk.

What happened? What changed?

     The verbiage is not the sole reason for the governor’s veto, in fact, it is irrelevant because the governor’s primary justification for her betrayal is the stereotypical alibi used by politicians who long ago jettisoned their principles for their ambitions. “It is the wrong time. The approach is wrong. This bill is not the way to go. Nullification is not the solution.” Fallin provided the following rationalization to explain her veto and send a message that she is not interested in signing an anti-abortion bill now or in the future:

While I consistently have and continue to support a re-examination of the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, this legislation cannot accomplish that re-examination. In fact, the most direct path to a re-examination of the United States Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade is the appointment of a conservative, pro-life justice to the United States Supreme Court.

Evidently, Fallin doesn’t think much of states’ rights. It is preposterous, irresponsible, and immoral to suggest that a re-examination of Roe v. Wade is the only path to protecting the natural right to life of the innocent unborn. Fallin is suggesting that one day the unborn babies can live, if a majority of the judges on the Supreme Court deem they can live? Is it possible that Fallin was motivated by personal reasons and outside forces to veto the bill?

     Governor Fallin vetoed S.B. 1552 on May 20, 2016, and on May 24, 2016, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced the leadership for the Republican National Convention Committee on Resolutions, commonly referred to as the Platform Committee, and guess who is part of the committee? The Republican establishment chose Fallin to co-chair the Platform Committee. What do we know about the Republican establishment? We know that there is nothing conservative about the establishment. The RINOs don’t care about abortion. Did Fallin veto the anti-abortion bill to please RNC Chairman Rence Priebus and secure a leadership position on the Platform Committee?

     Maybe Fallin’s veto was motivated by her ambition to land a bigger job? Donald Trump has said, Governor Fallin is on his short list for vice president. Fallin’s unquenchable thirst for power and prestige might be motivating her to aim for a job that will provide her with a national stage.

     Ambition can consume people. It is a powerful passion that often leads to selfishness and heinous acts. If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it” (Genesis 4:7). Fallin and her moral compass might have succumbed to selfish ambition.

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