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Maine Senate Passes Bill to Protect Second Amendment Right of Residents of Subsidized Housing

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     The Main Senate passed LD 1572, An Act to Ensure Nondiscrimination Against Gun Owners in Subsidized Housing, by a party line vote. The motivation for the bill was provided by an incident that took place in subsidized housing in Rockland, Maine. A Republican, Senator Andre Cushing, introduced the legislation, and his fellow Republicans voted unanimously to pass the legislation.

     The legislation was necessary after Harvey Lembo, a Rockland subsidized housing resident and former police constable, used his recently purchased firearm to subdue a burglar. According to The Maine Wire, Lembo’s home had been burglarized several times by criminals who took his prescription medicines.” The wheelchair bound Lembo had his home burglarized after he purchased his gun, but “he confronted the criminal, made him sit on a coffee table, called 911, and the intruder lunged off the table, Lembo shot him in the shoulder.” Lembo protected his property by exercising his Second Amendment right, but he was informed after the incident by some low-level bureaucrat that he must surrender his firearm or be evicted.

     LD 1572 is a rational, necessary act to protect the Second Amendment right of Lembo and other law-abiding citizens who reside in subsidized housing. A person’s financial position should not require him to surrender any of his constitutional rights. Obviously, based on the fact that no Democrats voted yea on the bill, they are for government housing and government tyranny. You can reside in government housing, but you have to surrender your liberty.


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