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Marco Rubio has been MIA for Five Years

Posted in Politics2 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Senator Marco Rubio has been attacked by some of his opponents in the GOP presidential race because he doesn’t bother to show up for Senate committee meetings and votes. Rubio has responded to the criticism by asserting that he has an “almost 90 percent vote record” in his 5 years in the senate (video below, 4:54).  

     The Tampa Bay Times has looked into Rubio’s attendance record in the Senate and found that Rubio is not telling the truth about his voting record. In fact, he misses the greater majority of committee meetings and has missed more votes than any current senator. Rubio is MIA.

     Rubio is on the Intelligence, Foreign Relations, Commerce, and Small Business and Entrepreneurship committees, and according to the information obtained by The Tampa Bay Times, he “has missed 68 percent of hearings or 407 of 598 for which records are available.” He has “skipped 80 percent of Commerce hearings and 85 percent of those held by Small Business.” What about Rubio’s claims that he is well-versed on foreign policy because he sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC)? He has missed 60 percent of SFRC hearings. Despite Rubio making his committee experience the centerpiece of his argument for why he has the foreign policy expertise to be president, he doesn’t appear to be all that interested when you take into account his attendance record.

     Rubio enjoys being a Senator, he just doesn’t enjoy the work. Rubio is fond of the salary, benefits, perks, and prestige that come with being a Senator, but don’t expect him to do much work. What would Rubio like in return for his absenteeism and indifference? He would like a promotion to the office of President of the United States, so he can enjoy the greatest benefits and perks of any job in the U.S. He is willing to skip as many committee meetings and votes as necessary to continue his doomed quest to become the invisible President of the United States.  

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