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The Nightmare Continues for the GOP Establishment

Posted in Politics2 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     What do we know about the GOP presidential race after the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire (NH) primary? We know that the GOP establishment is stuck in a nightmare and is desperate to wake up. The results of the Iowa caucus provided a glimmer of hope for the self-proclaimed party leaders of the GOP because Marco Rubio finished third, with a respectable 24 percent of the votes. However, the only thing Mr. Superficial’s third place finish shows are that 43,000 Iowans prefer a candidate who, instead of answering questions, launches into a scripted speech about nothing like a robot set on vacuous.

     The results of the NH primary brought Rubio back to reality and emboldened the GOP establishment because the very progressive John Kasich finished in second place, with 16 percent of the votes. It appears as if Kasich has karate chopped his way into the hearts and minds of the American people, right? He didn’t; he just made a decision to spend a limited amount of time in Iowa to spend time in NH in a last ditch effort to gain traction and possibly become the candidate of choice for the GOP establishment. Kasich’s decision to forgo the Iowa caucus is a losing strategy because it is impossible to get elected with a plan that calls for a candidate to ignore some primaries/caucuses to eke out a respectable finish in other primaries/caucuses. The following is a list of GOP candidates, with the number of days they spent in NH:

  • Christie – 72
  • Kasich – 70
  • Fiorina – 55
  • Bush – 52
  • Rubio – 28
  • Trump – 27
  • Cruz – 27
  • Carson – 16

     Kasich and his fellow progressives spent a lot of time in NH campaigning for their survival. Kasich, Christie, and Bush should have fared much better considering the time and money they spent. According to a study by Morning Consult, the establishment candidates, Kasich, Bush, Rubio, and Christie, spent a combined $81.9 million in NH. What was the ROI on the $81.9 million? The establishment candidates picked up ten delegates at a price of $8.19 million per delegate. When you look at how much each candidate spent and how many votes each candidate received, the numbers are even more dreadful for the establishment. The following is a list of candidates and how much they spent per vote:

  • Bush – $1,153
  • Christie – $878
  • Rubio – $506
  • Kasich – $269
  • Trump – $37
  • Cruz – $17

     These numbers sum up the GOP’s nightmare. Trump and Cruz spent less time and money than all of the establishment candidates, but still finished first and third respectively and secured 13 delegates combined. It doesn’t matter how you analyze the numbers; the establishment candidates lost big in NH. The race has yet to produce a viable establishment candidate to challenge Trump and Cruz. Rubio’s unexpected “strong” showing in Iowa was supposed to make him the darling of the establishment, but he fell flat in NH. Rubio faded in NH, but a new establishment candidate, Kasich, emerged to change the dynamics. Maybe Kasich will get a bump from his second place finish in NH and appeal to voters in South Carolina? A CNN focus group in South Carolina indicates Kasich is not going to reap any benefit from his “strong” finish in NH. Kasich will resume his spot at the bottom of the GOP field in 10 days (see video below).

     Kasich is an also ran just like Rubio, Bush, and Christie. The GOP establishment is desperate to find a candidate to challenge Trump and Cruz, but there are no signs that any of the establishment candidates is going to gain momentum and emerge as the standard bearer for the progressives who have hijacked the Republican Party. Voters in Iowa and New Hampshire repudiated the establishment, and you can expect the same going forward.

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