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Hillary Clinton’s Argument on Illegal Immigrants is Nonsensical and Hypocritical

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     Hillary Clinton is demagoguing on illegal immigration hoping to secure the illegal immigrant vote. She asserted in a recent interview broadcast on CNN that Republicans want to round up illegal immigrants, put them in boxcars, and drive them across the border. This statement is designed to conjure up images of Jews being rounded up by Nazis and taken away to camps.

     The statement is a calculated move by a corrupt, career politician who is desperate to win an election. Clinton and Democrats think the key to winning presidential elections is to secure the Hispanic vote. After decades of allowing Mexicans to flow over the U.S. southern border, illegal immigration has become a major problem that Democrats and RINOs are not interested in solving, so they engage in Hispandering in the hope that they can claim a sizable voting bloc once they can get the illegal immigrants legalized. Democrats and RINOs make statements like: “What are we going to do round them up. Families will be torn apart.” Do they mean the way the government rounds people up and tears families apart?

     The argument used to try and convince people that any attempt to deport illegal immigrants (criminals) would be costly, cruel, and futile is nonsensical and hypocritical.

     How costly would it be to round up and deport illegal immigrants? Maybe as costly as federal welfare programs? In 2014, the federal government spent $950 billion of your tax dollars on welfare programs. Progressive, career politicians like Clinton argue that it would be too expensive to deport illegal immigrants, but they don’t balk at redistributing $950 billion in a year’s time. Big, bloated, unnecessary, wasteful government programs have turned America into Greece, but with more borrowing power, but this doesn’t bother Clinton.

     In 2014, the federal government borrowed 14 cents of every dollar it spent, which translates to more debt and more interest payments on the debt, but this is no big deal. The suddenly frugal Clinton must be appalled by the fact that the federal government borrows $1 million every minute. She must be in agony over the $18.9 trillion national debt.

     There is some good news. If the government rounded up and deported illegal immigrants in the U.S., it would save taxpayers now and avoid unsustainable costs in the future. According to a study conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) in 2012, the greater majority of illegal immigrants receive welfare dollars, which means American taxpayers could realize immediate savings if federal law was enforced and illegal immigrants were deported.

Welfare illegals

     Clinton thinks the best approach to illegal immigrants is to provide them amnesty. Amnesty should make everything better. How much do you suppose amnesty would cost American taxpayers? Maybe all the tax dollars the illegals will pay once they are excused for their criminal activities will be a financial boon for the U.S.?  Not a chance! Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty will cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion.

costs of unlawful immigrants

     Deportation will provide tens of billions of dollars in immediate savings, and allow American taxpayers to avoid $6.3 trillion in the future. What about the families that will be torn apart?

     There are 2.4 million people in prison in the U.S. That means 2.4 million families were torn apart by the incarceration of a father, mother, son, daughter, brother, or sister. Why should 2.4 million people have to serve prison sentences for their criminal acts, while 12 million people who are not even U.S. citizens be excused for their criminal acts?There are

     There are 196,180 federal prison inmates who violated one or more of the 4,450 federal statutes being enforced by federal authorities. There are an estimated 300,000 regulatory offenses that carry fines and imprisonment for those who fail to adhere to the regulations. It is impossible for Americans to keep track of so many federal laws and regulations, but progressives like Clinton expect you to obey the dictates of the federal government or face prison time.

     Americans must comply with federal laws, not illegal immigrants, or they will feel the full force of the Leviathan. The Leviathan tears hundreds of thousands of families apart, but not illegal immigrant families; that would be cruel. The Leviathan imprisons people who violate federal statutes and regulations thereby tearing apart families, and it has Hillary’s full support.

     A nation without borders is not a nation. Civil society is not possible without laws. However, borders and laws do not matter to Clinton because she is a progressive who wants to continue the fundamental transformation of America. She does not put any thought into her statements and arguments because the only thing that matters is securing amnesty for 12 million Democrat voters.

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