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Radical Interventionism is Responsible for Anarchy in Libya

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     It has been four years since the start of the civil war in Libya that resulted in the overthrow and death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and it is painfully apparent that U.S. military intervention by the masterminds in Washington, D.C. once again failed to deliver freedom and democracy. Radical interventionism is responsible for the anarchy in Libya that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, including American lives.

     Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible for the chaos that reigns in Libya today because they wanted Gaddafi ousted, so they supported a war that has done far more damage and claimed far more lives than Gaddafi’s regime. Why did Gaddafi have to go? Gaddafi denounced terrorism in 1999 as part of what appeared to be the beginning of a metamorphosis by the leader. He took steps to cut Libya’s ties to terrorism, including expelling the Abu Nidal Organization, cutting ties to Palestinian militants, closing terrorist training camps, and extraditing suspected terrorists to Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan. He repeatedly denounced terrorism and had become a reliable ally of the U.S. in the fight against terrorists.

     President George W. Bush recognized that Gaddafi had taken steps to prove that he was no longer interested in sponsoring terrorism or a nuclear weapons program, so he moved to normalize relations with Libya. On February 6, 2004, U.S. and British officials met with Libyan officials in London “to discuss measures to improve relations following Libya’s planned dismantlement of its WMD programs.” It is important to note that Libya voluntarily dismantled its WMD program, and invited American and British inspectors to visit former WMD sites and provided full access to key personnel. Gaddafi made a historical, unprecedented decision to dismantle Libya’s WMD program without the promise of anything in return. The U.S. Department of State published the following regarding Gaddafi’s decision to end Libya’s WMD program and allow full access to weapons sites:

Libya dismantled its nuclear weapons program, surrendered bomb designs illicitly procured from renegade Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan, and allowed its most advanced missiles, the Scud-Cs, to be removed promptly. Libya joined the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), destroyed thousands of unfilled chemical munitions under international supervision, and began the process of destroying its chemical weapons stockpile pursuant to CWC rules. Libya also committed itself to the staged elimination of its remaining long-range missile force of Scud-Bs.

Libyan cooperation was extremely good. Libyan officials answered questions with candor and volunteered information that provided valuable insight into the global proliferation network. During the course of this cooperative Libyan/U.S./U.K. elimination project, the Libyans demonstrated the good faith of their December 2003 commitment. They made themselves a model for the cooperative return of an isolated state to the broader international community through the verifiable elimination of illicit WMD and long-range missile programs. Libya’s clear strategic commitment to a new path also illustrated the centrality of demonstrable cooperation and good faith to verifying the fulfillment of such promises.

Gaddafi took huge strides toward bringing Libya in from the cold by setting Libya on a path to normalizing relations with the civilized world.
     On May 15, 2006, the U.S. and Libya renewed direct diplomatic ties, which included the opening of a U.S. Liaison Office in Tripoli. Gaddafi’s decision to cut ties with terrorism and dismantle his weapons programs allowed Libya to normalize relations with the U.S. after 24 years of isolation and conflict.
     The decision by the Obama administration, with the approval of Democrats and Republicans in Congress, to arm the Libyan “rebels” to overthrow Gaddafi defies reason. It is another example of how interventionism destabilizes entire countries and leads to murder and mayhem.
     Libya is now under the control of several Islamic terrorist groups. ISIS controls a large swathe of territory in Libya that it did not control while Gaddafi was in power. In fact, ISIS had no presence in Libya when Libya was governed by Gaddafi’s regime. Today, Libya looks much different as a result of the Obama administration’s intervention. 
     The ISIS Caliphate has set up three “provinces” in Libya. ISIS has stationed 3,000 fighters to control parts of central Libya and the coastal area to the east. The group has control of an airport and adjacent air base in Sirte, Libya. It uses its territories in Libya to train its fighters before deploying them to Iraq and Syria. Despite the success ISIS has enjoyed, it still competes with other Islamic terrorist groups, including the “rebels” backed by the Obama administration, who want to maintain and expand their territories in Libya.
     The civil war in Libya claimed the lives of 30,000 people, including five Americans. Another 50,000 were wounded, and 4,000 people are missing as a result of the war. Casualties have not slowed down since the end of the war because the war left Libya ungoverned thereby creating a void filled by Islamic terrorist groups that routinely murder people. The chaos and bloodshed continue in Libya because Gaddafi’s government was overthrown and the Obama administration had no plan for post-Gaddafi Libya.       
     There is a difference between Republican intervention and Democrat intervention. Republicans prefer invasion and occupation. Democrats’ approach to intervention consists of arming a group of fighters that it has mistakenly identified as “freedom fighters,” sending weapons to the “freedom fighters,” sending a small number of U.S. troops to train the “freedom fighters,” and dropping a few bombs. The plan for intervention doesn’t matter because the result is always the same. The result is chaos, bloodshed, terrorism, and refugees. 
     Radical interventionism created the chaos that currently reigns in Libya. There was no reason to overthrow Gaddafi, but the masterminds in Washington, D.C. had big plans for Libya. The masterminds are committed to meddling in the affairs of foreign countries as a way to spread their brand of freedom and democracy. Libya and most of the Middle East is on fire because of radical interventionism, and the masterminds who created the situation have no clue how to clean up their mess. 
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