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Defend Biblical Marriage not Government Marriage

Posted in Culture, Legislation2 years ago • Written by Defender Of Liberty1 Comment

     The American Left has laid waste to marriage, but not because of the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges, it is because long ago the government secularized marriage. When the government gets involved in something, it will debase, degrade, and destroy it, which is what it has done to marriage, but there is hope.

     It is worrisome to hear Christians and Jews wail about the Supreme Court and others redefining marriage because only God has the authority to define and sanctify marriage. People give judges, politicians, and bureaucrats too much power. There is nothing in The Bible about marriage licenses or fees. There is no mandate from God to relinquish marriage to the government. During Biblical times, couples did not trek down to the local, government office to fill out paperwork and pay a fee to obtain a marriage license. The government has no role in Biblical marriage. Government marriage is not Christian or Jewish; it is secular.


     The Senate in the State of Alabama has moved toward making it clear that there is a difference between Biblical marriage and government marriage. The Alabama Senate recently passed SB 21, a bill that will “remove the requirement of marriage licenses.” State Sen. Greg Albritton introduced the legislation to prevent the chaos that will ensue as a result of the numerous probate judges in Alabama who have made it clear they will not approve marriage licenses for same-sex couples. The legislation replaces a marriage license with a civil contract.

     SB 21 makes it “the responsibility of the parties to the contract for marriage to record the civil contract with the judge of probate as evidence of their marital union.” The judge of probate would no longer be responsible for determining the eligibility of the parties to contract for marriage, other than age determination. The bill does not require a marriage ceremony as a condition of the contract for marriage. SB 21 will do more than just prevent chaos, it will hopefully insulate Biblical marriage from government marriage.

     There is a distinction between a Christian or Jewish marriage and a secular marriage, and the progressives and LGBTs know it, which is why they oppose SB 21. The Human Rights Campaign  (HRC) issued the following statement about SB 21:

There is absolutely no reason to change the way the state of Alabama handles marriages, period. While the bill impacts all Alabamians who wish to get married, it is clearly unnecessary, needless, and being driven by elected officials who oppose marriage equality victories and now wish to score cheap political points because of it. Frankly, it’s a ham-handed solution in search of a non-existent problem.

The HRC is part of the homosexual jihad that will not be satisfied with marriage licenses because their mission is much bigger than marriage licenses. The target is religion, specifically Christianity, not Islam because they are afraid of Muslims, not the squishy, non-denominational, social club churches because they do not pose a threat, they want to debase, degrade, and destroy Christianity.

     The homosexual jihadists want to force churches to perform wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples and force adoption agencies to make children available to them. Churches and adoption agencies in the U.S. and Europe are being sued by homosexual jihadists because they are unwilling to conduct wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples in their churches and provide children for adoption by same-sex couples. The homosexual jihadists also want all of the references to homosexuality and homosexuals removed from The Bible because all of the verses are “anti-homosexual.” Some homosexuals are even suing Bible publishers because of the “anti-homosexual” verses. 

     The intent of all of these lawsuits is to send a message to Christians, surrender or get pulverized under the weight of lawsuits and government tyranny. There is a distinction between government marriage and Biblical marriage. Christians need to focus on Biblical marriage and defend it against the homosexual jihadists and Marxists at all costs. Albritton’s SB 21 is a step in the right direction because it will begin the process of separating Biblical marriage from government.

     Albritton has faced some criticism for his legislation because there are Alabamans who think it will “denigrate, desanctify, and ultimately destroy marriage,” but the legislation is an attempt to get government out of Biblical marriage. Albritton has responded to the criticism by stating, “The sanctity of marriage cannot be sanctified by a government of men. That is where we have gotten ourselves into trouble.” Biblical marriage and government marriage are mutually exclusive. Therefore, they should be separate. Christians should not look to government to approve, affirm, and sanctify their marriages. The federal government wants to co-opt marriage by secularizing it, and Obergefell has finished the job. However, the fight for Christians is in defense of Biblical marriage, not government marriage.

     Christians must defend Biblical marriage by keeping God’s Word and maintaining Christian customs and traditions. Christians need to come to grips with the fact that Christianity has become a counterculture in America. Christianity is the primary target of homosexual jihadists, Hollywood, the mainstream media, and government, so Christians need to forget about government marriage because the fight is bigger than just marriage licenses. The aforementioned groups want to destroy Christianity, and they will stop at nothing to reach their goal.

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A frustrated conservative who is very concerned that America has entered its twilight years. Dan has a B.A. in political philosophy and an MBA with a concentration in finance. He has an honorable discharge from the United States Navy after serving for several years after graduating from high school. Please share this with liberals and RINOs because there is nothing better than upsetting them. The U.S. is no longer a constitutional republic, but rather an oligarchy. We live in a post constitutional America where competing tribes sell their votes for the promise of freebies. America is on the cusp of being lost to Marxists and their army of bureaucrats unless the American people move outside of their comfort zone and get involved the same way Marxists have gotten involved by infiltrating the political, educational, and bureaucratic systems.

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  1. Fush Yumeng May 20, 2017 at 4:23 AM - Reply

    The 2017 session of the Alabama Legislature concluded without the bill coming to a vote. It failed for a third time.

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