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Ben Carson’s Aggressive Foreign Policy

Posted in Politics2 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Ben Carson is taking an aggressive stance on Russia that makes it clear he doesn’t understand the potential consequences of a hawkish, imperialistic foreign policy. It seems every presidential candidate, including “outsiders” like Carson, think the only foreign policy option is a policy of aggression. Carson has settled on what has become the default (neocon) foreign policy since the Cold War ended.                                                                 

     In an interview with ABC This Week, Carson summed up his approach to Russia and Syria and it sounded just like the usual Republican/neocon foreign policy. Carson agrees with Obama’s decision to put more U.S. troops in Syria, but he thinks the U.S. needs “a much bigger plan for Syria.”

Well, my much bigger plan involves, you know, Putin and Iran also. These are the forces that are propping up the Assad regime. And even though Putin came in there and said he he was going to fight ISIS, he’s really fighting the anti-Assad forces. What we need to be thinking about is, how do we oppose him? We need to be opposing him [Putin] in other parts of the world. 

Carson explained that the “other parts of the world” he spoke of are Ukraine and the Baltic Region.

     Evidently Carson views Russia as an existential threat to Ukraine and the Baltic Region because his plan to oppose Putin is “to have more than one or two armored brigades there to show some strength.” Why does the United States need to show strength in the Baltic region? Why does the U.S. military have to police the Baltic region? The U.S. does not have and never has had any vital interest in Eastern Europe or the Baltic region.

     The foreign policy Carson and his advisers have devised shows that they lack the knowledge and experience necessary to handle foreign policy issues. Carson’s plan compounds the problems created by Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama. Carson’s aggressive stance toward Russia will be nothing more than a continuation of the misguided policy that has alienated Russia from the U.S. and NATO.

     Carson thinks the U.S. should give Ukraine offensive weapons. So Ukraine gets tanks, missiles, and artillery, then what? If Kiev takes U.S. arms and moves against the rebels in the east, Moscow will respond by sending planes, tanks, and artillery to crush them, which will most certainly happen. What does the U.S. do then? It appears that Carson’s response would be to go to war with Russia.

     Carson’s foreign policy appears to combine the imperialism and Pax Americana of the neocons, with the undefinable, incoherent, irrational foreign policy of the Obama administration.  If you are curious as to what these foreign policies are capable of producing look no further than the chaos in the Middle East.

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