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The Muslim Conquest Continues Unabated

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     The nonsensical, globalist foreign policies of the United States and Europe have created chaos in the Middle East that threatens the very existence of several Middle Eastern nations and has sped up the conquest of the West. The West is flat on its back in an ICU bed, and America and the European Union’s (EU) leaders have signed a Do Not Resuscitate order.

     The perpetual warring in the Middle East is the result of masterminds who lack the mental acuity to operate a toaster. The globalists’, led by George W. Bush, invaded Iraq, which destabilized Mesopotamia, then the “Arab Spring” ushered in by the mental midgets, Barack Hussein Obama, and Hillary Clinton, threw the Middle East into total disarray and created a “refugee” crisis beyond comprehension.

      A Muslim refugee, Dr. Mudar Zahran, living in the United Kingdom understands the significance of millions of Muslims flooding into Europe from the Middle East, unlike the masterminds who are committed to globalism and multiculturalism. Zahran describes himself as an “orthodox Muslim,” but nonetheless emphatically asserts that there is a “genuine problem with Muslims in Europe” and describes the current influx of Muslims into Europe as the “soft Islamic conquest of the West.”

     Zahran explained that the “refugees” flowing into the Middle East are not Syrian, but are actually from all over the Middle East.

We need to learn the facts. Most of these refugees who claim to be Syrian are not Syrian. We have to be accurate and fair about what is happening. Even those in political positions of power in Syria have confirmed that 75 percent of those arriving from Syria come from safe areas; the ones in disaster areas cannot go out, they cannot leave. Refugees are coming from Turkey, Jordan, and other places.

Zahran further cautions that the refugees are not looking for asylum, they are looking for welfare money. He accurately points out that the refugees are “passing through poorer European nations” because their goal is “to reach rich nations, like Germany, with generous welfare systems” and claim refugee status. Masterminds like Germany’s Angela Merkel have made it clear they are willing to accept millions of Muslims and provide them with welfare benefits.

     Zahran warns that there are plenty of terrorists among the “refugees” flooding into the U.S. and Europe. Zahran states, “I can authoritatively confirm — I have photos, I have images, I have pictures, I have names of terrorists who are already in Europe putting their photos in Europe on Facebook.” This is not shocking to any person capable of tying his shoes. There is no way to identify terrorists among the “refugees” demanding asylum.

     Earlier this month, during a hearing on the Obama administration’s planned refugee resettlement surge conducted by the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and National Interest, four administration officials responsible for administering the plan made it clear they don’t know anything about the refugees. The chairman of the subcommittee, Senator Jeff Sessions, provided the following facts from the hearing:

  • We do not have access to any Syrian government database to learn the backgrounds of these refugee applicants.
  • We do not have adequate resources or records and will not conduct any meaningful investigation of each of the thousands of applicants.
  • The administration approves over 90 percent of all Syrian refugee applications.
  • We have no capacity to determine the likelihood that Islamist refugees, once admitted to the United States, will become involved with terrorist activity.
  • We are already struggling with a huge problem of prior Islamist refugees seeking to take up arms with terrorists, and we have every expectation that the Administration’s current refugee plans will exacerbate that problem.
  • It is not a probability, but a certainty, that among the more than 1 million migrants from Muslim countries we will admit over the next decade, a number will already be radicalized or radicalize after their entrance into the U.S.
  • With respect to cost, the $1.2 billion budget for refugee placement is only a minute fraction of the total expense, and does not attempt to measure the short-term or long-term costs of providing access to virtually all welfare, healthcare, and retirement programs in the U.S. budget, as well as community resources such as public education and local hospitals.
  • Robert Rector, with the Heritage Foundation, estimates the lifetime cost of benefits at $6.5 billion per 10,000 refugees.  In the most recent year, the Office of Refugee Resettlement provided services to some 140,000 newly-admitted refugees, asylees, and related groups.

It sounds like the Obama administration has a handle on the situation. Obama has rolled out the welcome mat for Muslims because what better way to transform America than to overwhelm her with a religion and culture that demands submission or death.

     The masterminds have adopted immigration policies Americans and Europeans never approved. The globalists and multiculturalists are controlling American and EU immigration policies. The acceptance of millions of more Muslims is motivated by the desire of the globalists and multiculturalists to speed up the conquest of the West. The masterminds are anxious to destroy the nations they pretend to represent, so they import and fund the tools (Muslims) that will allow them to succeed. “We’re waiting! Hello!? Please put us out of our misery.”

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