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Christian Martyrs in the Middle East

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     “ISIS turned up and said to the [Christian] children, ‘You say the words [shehada, convert to Islam], that you will follow Muhammad.’ And the children, all under 15, four of them, they said, ‘No, we love Jesus [Yesua]. We have always loved Jesus. We have always followed Jesus. Jesus has always been with us.” ‘Say the words!’ They [children] said, ‘No, we can’t.’ They beheaded all of them. This horrific atrocity was recounted by Andrew White, an Anglican priest known as the “Vicar of Baghdad.”
     The Obama administration’s “Arab Spring” is a death sentence for Christians in the Middle East. Obama’s incoherent, irrational policies have ushered in a religious cleansing throughout the Middle East that has resulted in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Christians. 


     In a recent piece by Raymond Ibrahim of the Gatestone Institute titled, How Obama Ushered in the New Age of Christian Martyrdom, numerous horrible atrocities carried out by Muslim groups against Christians are detailed along with the nonsensical foreign policy of the Obama administration. The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the groups that has murdered Christians. You know, The Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorist group Obama met with at the White House. ISIS is another group that celebrates Obama’s “Arab Spring” by murdering Christians. ISIS seems to be a favorite of the Obama administration, since the administration is using your tax dollars to fund ISIS (See video below).
Christian Aid Mission is very familiar with ISIS. In a story recounted by workers for Christian Aid you see how brutal ISIS is, and how dangerous the Middle East is for Christians. In August, members of ISIS entered a village in Aleppo, Syria with the intent of forcing any “infidels” they might find to submit to Islam. 
     Members of ISIS found 12 Christians and raped, beheaded, and crucified them in the name of Islam. They cut off the fingertips of a twelve-year-old boy who refused to submit to Islam. They “severely beat him, telling his father they would stop the torture only if he, the father, returned to Islam.” The father refused, so they beat him and two other ministry workers. ISIS crucified the four of them. According to a Christian leader associated with the four, “They were left on their crosses for two days. No one was allowed to remove them.” Beside each cross was a sign with the word “INFIDELS” on it.
     The other eight Christians, including two women, were also ordered to renounce Christ and submit to Islam, or be put to death. They refused.

“The Islamic extremists then publicly raped the women, who continued to pray during the ordeal, leading the ISIS militants to beat them all the more furiously, As the two women and six men knelt before they were beheaded, they were all praying. Villagers said some were praying in the name of Jesus, others said some were praying the Lord’s prayer, and others said some of them lifted their heads to commend their spirits to Jesus. One of them women looked up and seemed to be almost smiling as she said, ‘Jesus!'” After they were beheaded, they were hung on crosses.

Christian blood pays for Obama’s policies.

      Where is the outcry from the West to save Christians in the Middle East? Why is there no effort being made to help Christians?

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