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Christian Martyrs in Oregon

Posted in Culture2 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     The mainstream media is focused on pushing gun control like their supreme leader, Barack Hussein Obama, in the wake of the mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. The horrible shooting should not be treated as an opportunity to push a political agenda. The only story worth telling is the one about how some brave Christians chose to identify themselves as Christian knowing that to do so would lead to certain death. Their story is one of unwavering faith in God.

     The story told by those who survived the shooting on the campus of Umpqua Community College is that the gunman asked people what their religion was before shooting them, and the people who identified themselves as Christian were shot in the head. After the first Christian was shot in the head, it would have been reasonable to assume that identifying oneself as a Christian was going to result in a bullet to the head and certain death. The following are the names of the victims:

Larry Levine
Kim Dietz
Sarena Moore
Jason Johnson
Treven Anspach
Lucero Alcaraz
Lucas Eibel
Rebecka Carnes
Quinn Cooper

The gunman eventually died when good guys with guns showed up to stop him.

     Why did the massacre take place? Why do massacres continue to happen in America?
     The gunman was another dead soul. He was the child of a broken family who was taught in schools that abandoned God and His commandments decades ago. He is the product of America’s culture of death that has claimed the lives of 55 million babies since Roe v. Wade. To the gunman a mass shooting would give meaning to his life by providing him with wall-to-wall media coverage of his Godless act…his anonymity would evaporate in an instant and he would be famous.

     The gunman did not believe in anything beyond himself. He was the product of a base, vile society that embraces absolute social freedom free from morality. Pat Buchanan wrote:

In a de-Christianized America where no higher law exists, killing is a commonplace occurrence, and the popular culture is polluted by raw sex and violence, what answer does society give to the Harper-Mercers who are willing to kill in large numbers to become famous?

The people who perished on the campus of Umpqua Community College had resisted liberalism, the mainstream media, and Hollywood to remain strong in their faith, but eventually became victims of a person who is a product of a secularized/progressive America.

     The victims should never be forgotten. Their strong faith in God and courage in the face of evil should be celebrated by Christians around the globe.

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