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Silence from the Ministry of Truth on Murder of Kentucky State Trooper

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     The Ministry of Truth (mainstream media) is ignoring the murder of Kentucky state trooper, Joseph Cameron Ponder, because the facts about the murderer, Joseph Thompson Johnson-Shanks, are too damning to spin, so the only recourse is to pretend like it didn’t happen. However, until Big Brother is able to control the Internet, the truth about the murder of Ponder and other inconvenient truths will continue to frustrate the Ministry of Truth. 


Trooper Ponder and Shanks
     Ponder pulled over Shanks on the night of September 13, 2015 on a rural stretch of I-24 in Lyon County, and for Ponder the routine stop would lead to his death. During the traffic stop, Ponder discovered that Shanks was driving with a suspended license, so Ponder was arranging for lodging for Shanks and the woman and two children in the vehicle. Before anything was finalized, ticket or lodging, Shanks fled the scene, but Ponder quickly caught up with him. When Ponder was directly behind the vehicle, Shanks slammed on the brakes causing Ponder’s cruiser to crash into him, then leaned out his window and fired several shots killing Ponder.
     What you are not going to hear from the Ministry of Truth is what a savage Shanks was before he was tracked down and subsequently shot by state police when he refused to lower his weapon. 
     Shanks was from Florissant, near Ferguson, Missouri. Shanks had a Facebook page under the name Jay MileHigh. Jay for joint, MileHigh for what happens after Shanks smokes weed. Shanks had a long criminal history, including an arrest on August 11, 2014, two days after Michael Brown’s death, for “interfering with an officer.” Shanks was probably still charged up after participating in the Ferguson riots and attending Brown’s funeral. Shanks was a real pillar of the community. 
     Shanks’s Facebook page featured pictures of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Michael Brown, and Barack Hussein Obama in a Superman costume. He posted videos discussing race, police brutality, and the shooting of Michael Brown. He also posted articles like “Weed Protects you from Ebola.” There was also a gallery of photos that indicate Shanks attended Brown’s funeral. Thanks to Weasel Zippers, you can still view some of the photos
     Shanks “liked” or belonged to the following groups on Facebook:
  • Barack Hussein Obama
  • Occupy Democrats
  • Cop Block
  • Michelle Obama
  • The White House
  • Million Hoodies for Justice
  • Justice for Mike Brown Leadership Coalition
Shanks was a foot soldier for the Community Organizer of the United States who was willing to show his loyalty to Obama and the Democrat Party by murdering a state trooper. Shanks is a product of an administration that foments civil discord in order to strengthen its power while destroying America. 
     The Ministry of Truth has not reported a single detail on Shanks, nothing. 
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