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The Mantra of the Republican Establishment

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          The Republican Establishment (RE) is a broken record when it comes to presidential elections. The mantra of the RE is: “_______ (conservative) can’t win. We have to elect a candidate who can win. _______ (RINO) can win.” The candidate the RE always pushes is a liberal who decided at some point in his political career to place an R behind his name because he decided it would be easier to get elected in his state or district as a Republican.

          The RE has been somewhat quiet about their candidate of choice because they are dealing with Donald Trump and his rising poll numbers. However, the crowded GOP field provides plenty of liberal candidates for the RE to choose from once they can figure out how to get rid of Trump, Cruz, and Carson. The RE is probably salivating over the prospect of the very progressive Jeb Bush or John Kasich being the GOP nominee. If/When a RINO gets the GOP nomination, there will be no shortage of RINOs, like Karl Rove in the video above, who will predict certain victory.

          How have establishment candidates fared in presidential elections? Has the RINO ticket delivered great victories for the Republican party? The following is a summary of all presidential elections, since Ronald Reagan left office:

1988 – George H.W. Bush (Bush 41) beat a very weak opponent, Michael Dukakis, by capitalizing on Reagan’s popularity and a strong economy.

1992 – Bill Clinton soundly defeated Bush 41. Bush 41 alienated the conservative base of the Republican party by raising taxes, which sealed his fate. Bush left office with the dubious distinction of being a one-term president, or more accurately, a one-term RINO president.

1996 – Bill Clinton trounces the RE candidate, Bob Dole. Dole lost the popular vote by 8 million. The electoral count was Clinton 379, Dole 159.

2000 – George W. Bush (Bush 43) was able to declare victory over Albert Gore after the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) reversed a ruling by a lower court in Florida that had ordered election officials in Florida to recount 43,000 ballots. Bush was declared the winner of Florida’s 25 electoral votes. The final electoral tally was Bush 271, Gore 266. Bush 41 won the presidency despite losing the popular vote.

2004 – Bush 41 narrowly beat John Kerry, but not without controversy. The winner was not determined until the day after the election when Kerry decided not to challenge Bush’s win in Ohio. Kerry insisted that there were “irregularities” and the vote in Ohio did not “proceed fairly,” but chose not to pursue a recall in Ohio.

2008 – Barack Hussein Obama destroyed the RE candidate, RINO John McCain. The beating McCain took from a no name, Marxist was an embarrassment of epic proportions for the RE. Obama won the popular vote by 10 million. McCain managed to pick up a measly 173 electoral votes. The RE preached during the GOP nomination process that McCain was the only candidate capable of winning the election.

2012 – Obama thrashed RINO Mitt Romney. The RE insisted that Republican voters back Romney because he was the only candidate who could beat Obama. Despite a very weak economy and instability across the globe, Obama handily beat Romney.

          The RE lectures conservatives ad nauseam about voting for candidates they deem to be “electable” while avoiding conservative candidates because they can’t win. Conservatives cannot win the way Bush 43, Dole, McCain, and Romney couldn’t win? The RE would be batting zero, if not for two controversial elections won by Bush 43. When you look at the evidence, it is easy to see that the RE is inept at what it claims is its strength, picking candidates who can win.

          It is possible during this year’s election process that Republican voters decide they are no longer going to vote for the milquetoast the RE trots out for the primaries. Although RINO candidates like Jeb Bush have large campaign war chests thanks to Super PACs, they may not have enough money to dissuade voters from voting for anti-establishment candidates. Cruz, Carson, and Trump are probably going to be able to stay in for the long haul, which is good news for voters who have grown weary and frustrated from the embarrassing losses in the general election by RINOs.

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