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Ted Cruz: The Outsider on the Inside

Posted in Politics2 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     The Donald Trump train keeps steaming along despite almost daily predictions by pollsters, pundits, and consultants that it will soon run out of gas. Whether you watch CNN, Fox News, or any of the major networks, you will hear pinheads talking about Trump’s imminent demise. Trump is not going away because people view him as an outsider who is focused on breaking up the D.C. machine. However, Trump is not the only candidate willing to fight the D.C. machine, there is Senator Ted Cruz who is actually fighting the D.C. machine as an outsider inside the machine.

Senator Ted Cruz

     Cruz vowed during his 2012 campaign for the U.S. Senate that he would go to Washington, D.C. and fight the establishment and he has made good on his promise. He has led the charge against legislation and regulations such as Obamacare, raising the debt ceiling, EPA regulations, and Export-Import Bank reauthorization. Cruz is consistently the most vocal leader on many issues, instead of adopting the low-profile, go along to get along approach to legislation. His unwillingness to join ranks with the permanent political class has made him an outsider on the inside, which should earn the respect of those who think America’s political system is rigged and needs to be reoriented to conform with the U.S. Constitution.

     Cruz is somewhat overshadowed by Trump because Trump is not a politician, but Cruz has done the unthinkable and infiltrated the Washington cartel in order to bring it down. Trump’s rhetoric has made him very popular with a lot of people, but Cruz’s actions speak much louder than Trump’s words.

     Cruz continues to show that he is willing to expose the unethical actions of the permanent political class in D.C. This past Tuesday, Cruz held a conference call with church pastors around the country to urge them to “preach from the pulpit” to garner support for defunding Planned Parenthood. During the conference call, Cruz made the following statement:

“The leadership of both parties, both the Democrats and Republicans, want an empty show vote. They want a vote on Planned Parenthood that has no teeth or no consequence, which allows Republicans to vote for defunding, Democrats to vote for continuing funding, and nothing to change. But the leadership of both parties have publicly said they do not want the vote tied to any legislation that must pass.”

It takes courage to make such a statement. The conference call itself shows that Cruz isn’t listening to the usual GOP pollsters and consultants who think the only way to win the general election for the presidency is to pander to specific groups of voters who traditionally vote Democrat in an attempt to pick off votes. Cruz isn’t running from the evangelical Christians who stayed home in 2008 and 2012 because there was no difference between John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Barack Hussein Obama. Cruz understands that the GOP has abandoned its base and the Reagan Democrats, and you are not going to get them back by trying to out liberal the liberals.

     Cruz has very few friends in Washington, D.C. because he didn’t go to D.C. to make friends. He is reviled by his own party because he has exposed the sordid love affair between politicians and big business. Cruz is public enemy #1 in D.C., which should automatically make him a candidate worth looking at for voters who are fed up with business as usual in D.C.

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