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Illegal Immigrants vs. ISIS

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     The tragic, completely avoidable murder of Kathryn Steinle on July 1, 2015 in San Francisco is just one of many murders committed by immigrants in America. Unfortunately, the week of July 4th, we witnessed plenty of bloodshed by illegal, legal, and anchor baby immigrants.

     Leading up to July 4th, we heard ad nauseam about how ISIS was planning terrorist attacks across America designed to murder thousands of Americans. There was round-the-clock coverage from the mainstream media on the possibility that ISIS was poised to strike. Don’t get me wrong, although I do not watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or MSNBC, I’m sure the people who do were happy to get a break from the sensationalist coverage of shark attacks. “Why are the sharks eating us?” Maybe because sharks live in the ocean and you’re in the ocean? Back to ISIS.

     During the week of July 4th, ISIS did not murder a single American, but illegal immigrants certainly did.

     The day Kathryn Steinle was murdered television station FOX 29 in San Antonio reported that four suspects, Loribeth Martinez, John Mendoza Jr., Kristopher Sanchez and Veronica Sanchez, were arrested for the murders of Traci Lynn Lemley and Jeremy Carrico. All four suspects are illegal immigrants and members of a Mexican drug cartel.

     A couple of days before July 4th, The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that a fifth suspect was arrested in connection with a “gang-related” shooting that took place this past May. Benjamin Hernandez joined Yors “Cuete” Garcia-Mier, Nicholas Pedro “Silent” Cortes, Miguel “Trips” Salazar, and Jeiszon Valles as the fifth Mexican immigrant (I’m unable to find any information on whether they are legal, illegal, or anchor babies) arrested in connection with the murder of Richard Najera. I bet it’s hard to live in the “shadows” with no nickname. I guess Benjamin Hernandez and Jeiszon Valles will get their nicknames in prison.

     On the eve of the imminent terrorist attacks by ISIS and the opening of the all you can eat buffet stocked with plenty of human beings for the sharks to eat, a DREAMer (I don’t think the term should be reserved for illegal immigrant kids; adults have dreams, like murdering people), Juan Francisco De Luna Vasquez, murdered his wife with a hammer. Vasquez had been deported four times prior to his arrest for the murder of his wife. Come on, the border is secure, right? Obama said, “Our borders now are more secure than they have ever been in history.” Obama has created an abstract, second reality for him and his followers to live in for all eternity. Obama is a community organizer turned cult leader.

     A couple of days before the 4th, the burned bodies of Maria G. Cruz-Calvillo and Luis F. Lopez-Cruz were found in a remote area outside of Othello, Washington. It only took a few hours for police to arrest one of the best and brightest Mexico has to offer, Prudencio Juan Fragos-Ramirez. Fragos-Ramirez got upset with his girlfriend, Cruz-Calvillo, and her three-year old son, Lopez-Cruz, so he decided to drive them to a ravine, shoot them, and set the car on fire with them it. Fragos-Ramos was deported last year, but somehow managed to get across the most secure southern border in the history of the United States.

     I think I will stop here. Alright, one more. How ’bout a shout out to Haiti! The rape of two women and a little girl did not take place the week of July 4th, but for the sake of celebrating diversity, I thought I would relay the story of a “self-proclaimed” voodoo priest (Is there another kind of voodoo priest? Is there a voodoo seminary?), Brogenet Cinor, who was arrested a few weeks ago in Sunrise, Florida for multiple counts of rape, including the rape of an eleven-year old girl. The Haitian voodoo priest raped the women and girl in a tiki hut in his backyard because they had evil spirits inside them that needed to be flushed out. I’m not sure who to thank first. Thank you, Haiti! Thank you to the incompetent, liberal bureaucrats working for the federal government who let Cinor come to America. Nice work!

     If this is the type of behavior that takes place in the “shadows” imagine what will happen when they come out of the “shadows.” ISIS has yet to murder a single American on American soil. Compared to Mexican immigrants ISIS really is JV.

Hat Tip to Ann Coulter.


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