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The U.S. Supreme Legislature and the Homosexual Jihad

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All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. Jesus said, No servant is greater than his master, if they hated me they will hate you also. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake. – Paul the Apostle

 Suffer me to become food for the wild beasts, through whose instrumentality it will be granted me to attain to God. I am the wheat of God, and let me be ground by the teeth of the wild beasts, that I may be found the pure bread of Christ. – Ignatius

     A few days ago, five progressive “judges” redefined marriage, created a right, and made law for all fifty states. The majority opinion on Obergefell v. Hodges was anything but a legal opinion. The five progressive “judges” in the majority positioned themselves as supreme legislators with self-appointed powers to render state laws and state constitutions null and void.

     The “judges” in the majority obviously view themselves as supreme rulers whose powers supplant the will of the people and the laws and constitutions of every state in the union. The majority “judges” did not just install themselves as America’s supreme rulers, they also claim to be supreme beings. This seems like a stretch, right? On page 4 of the opinion, the majority claims the only way for same-sex couples to commit to each other is through legalized unions. The majority writes, “And their immutable nature dictates that same-sex marriage is their only real path to this profound commitment.” Evidently, Kennedy, Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan have settled the question as to whether people are born as homosexuals. The majority “judges” refer to the “immutable nature” of homosexuals, which means they are asserting that they know homosexuality is not a choice. The supreme beings have spoken.

     The supreme rulers assert that the liberties guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment “extend to certain personal choices central to individual dignity and autonomy, including intimate choices that define personal identity and beliefs” (p. 10). In other words, anything goes because to prevent an individual from exercising his or her right to choose a certain ‘lifestyle’ would be a violation of his or her rights and would not allow the individual to maintain his or her dignity. These words will allow people engaged in every unnatural, abnormal relationship imaginable the right to marry. You don’t believe me? The day after the ruling an article appeared on, titled It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy: Why Group Marriage is the Next Horizon of Social Liberalism.

     The homosexual jihad is far from over. Homosexual jihadists, with the support of progressive politicians and judges, have positioned themselves as the victims of the twenty-first century. The victims will not be satisfied until they get everything they want, including the end of Christianity in America. I assure you homosexuals will not be satisfied with marriage licenses because now that they can obtain marriage licenses, they will direct their attention to the marriage ceremony. They are going to want church weddings, which means they will be coming for Christians and their churches.

     The homosexual jihad has already destroyed businesses in the U.S. The owners of Elane Photography found out the hard way that they do not enjoy freedom of religion or speech, Unfortunately, their religious beliefs and speech are contrary to the Democrat/liberal/progressive ideology, so they had to be brought to task.

     Jonathan and Elaine Huguenin were sued by a lesbian couple after they refused to photograph  their “commitment ceremony.” The Huguenin’s defense against the lawsuit was unsuccessful because the court ruled they violated the New Mexico Human Rights Act, and the New Mexico Supreme Court upheld the district court’s decision. The U.S. Supreme Court refused the Huguenin’s petition asking the court to hear their case. Elane Photography is no longer in business. Elane Photography is only one business out of many that have been the targets of protests, death threats, and lawsuits. The homosexual jihadists’ scorched earth policy is not just confined to businesses, it extends to individual citizens as well.

     Brendan Eich was forced to resign as CEO of Mozilla after homosexual jihadists blacklisted him for making donations to Proposition 8, a California ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage. Kelvin Cochran, former fire chief in Atlanta, Georgia, is another casualty of the purge of Christians from the public square. Cochran was suspended in November 2014 “following anonymous complaints over a devotional book he self-published a year earlier. After a month-long investigation, the city concluded Cochran had not discriminated against anyone, but sacked him anyway.”  Eich and Cochran are just two of many Christians who have been targeted for their religious beliefs.

     The ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges will destroy freedom of religion and freedom of speech in America. The homosexual jihadists and their progressive comrades are gearing up to purge all people of faith from the public square. It is okay for people of faith to exercise their right to freedom of religion and speech in their homes, for now, but the persecution and purge of Christians is only going to accelerate. As Justice Alito wrote in his dissenting opinion, “I assume that those who cling to old beliefs will be able to whisper their thoughts in the recesses of their homes, but if they repeat those views in public, they will risk being labeled as bigots and treated as such by governments, employers, and schools.”

     The idea that Christians living in America would be persecuted seems outrageous, right? I’m not alone in my belief that Christians in America will soon be persecuted. In an article that appeared on, titled Conservative Churches Confront New Reality After Gay Marriage Ruling, the author, Dave Urbanski, reported that “In the Roman Catholic Diocese of Arlington, VA., Bishop Paul Loverde held a Mass and organized a lecture for the U.S. bishops’ annual religious freedom commemoration, called Religious Liberty for How Long? How to Prepare Spiritually for the Coming Persecution.” Bishop Loverde understands that the future for Christians in America is bleak.

     The time has come for Christians to fight back against progressive politicians, judges, and the homosexual jihadists. For far too long, too many Christians have refused to enter the public square and fight against the tsunami of “social progress” that is destroying America and replacing it with a institutionalized tyranny that will almost assuredly result in the persecution and subsequent extinction of Christians in America.

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