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Obama Laments Freedom of Speech

Posted in Politics3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     I’m not sure why Barack Hussein Obama chose to be interviewed by a stand up comedian, Marc Maron, but he did and evidently the most newsworthy item to come out of the interview was Obama’s use of the “n word.” There were a couple of communist-like remarks from Obama that are evidently not important to any news outlet, but should be important to the American people.

     Approximately 22 minutes into the interview Obama starts talking about how the American people share common values, but politics divides people despite their commonalities. This is when Obama begins to lament freedom of speech in the media. Obama claims that one of the major reasons politics divides people is because of “a media that is so splintered now that we are not in a common conversation.” He expounds on his point by saying that “facts on Fox News are different from facts in The New York Times.” I’m quite certain based on Obama’s constant whining about Fox News that he wishes Fox News did not exist.

     Can you imagine if the only news Americans had access to came from the mainstream media? You would have to be living under a rock at the top of a mountain not to know that Democrats own and operate ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, MCNBC. Obama longs for days gone by where the only news came from CBS, NBC, ABC, and liberal newspapers like The New York Times.  Obama would love to repeal the First Amendment and remove any media outlet and Internet website that provides a message contrary to the message of the Democrat Party. I thank God that at this point in America it is unrealistic to think that any politician or political party could garner enough support to repeal the First Amendment.

     I’m sure some of you are skeptical to the idea that Obama and Democrats would want to repeal the First Amendment in order to control the conversation, but just look at net neutrality for the Internet and you might change your mind. Conservative bloggers are a constant irritant to Obama and the Democrats because they provide actual facts, not “facts” disseminated by media outlets owned and operated by Democrats. Why wouldn’t Obama and the Democrats want to rid themselves of Fox News and any other media outlet that will not allow them to control the message?

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