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U.S. Department of Agriculture Redistributes $200 Million

Posted in Bureaucracy3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Do you ever wonder what is missing from the Obama economy? I have often wondered why there aren’t more federal job programs. The labor force participation rate in the U.S. is at a 36-year low, with only 62.7 percent of working age adults employed. What can taxpayers do to help the unemployed find jobs? They can fund more job programs.

     The U.S. Department of Agriculture has finally arrived! It is no secret that federal government (fed gov) departments and agencies are nothing if they don’t have millions of your tax dollars to fund worthless job training programs. At long last, the Department of Agriculture has received its just due and $200 million of your tax dollars to redistribute for job training programs.

     The 2014 Farm Bill authorizes the Department of Agriculture to fund job training programs. The purpose of the programs is to use your tax dollars to “fund pilot projects focusing on target populations identified by the legislation, including individuals with low skills, able-bodied adults without dependents, and SNAP (food stamps) recipients working in very low-wage or part-time jobs.” The programs provide transportation and child care. I assume taxpayers are buying vehicles and paying for child care for food stamp recipients who don’t have jobs. This sounds great! 

     The General Accountability Office (GAO) released a report in 2011 on the numerous federal job training programs. The purpose of the GAO report was to determine if there is any overlap between agencies and identify any inefficiencies in the programs. The report did not address the effectiveness of the programs, which means, to date, not a single federal job training program has been evaluated for its effectiveness. The report did conclude that every program overlaps at least one other program, and the programs are woefully unorganized and inefficient.

     In 2009, nine federal agencies spent approximately $18 billion of your hard earned money to administer 47 job training programs. This is an increase of 3 programs and $5 billion since the GAO’s last report in 2003. Why so many programs? What is the return on investment from these programs? Who is monitoring these programs?

     The U.S. would save $18 billion a year by eliminating federal job training programs. It is absurd to think that these programs are anything but worthless. The labor participation rate in the U.S. is the lowest in decades. The real unemployment rate, not the fictitious number being reported by the Obama administration, is at 12.6 percent. The underemployment rate is at 15.5 percent. These numbers seem rather high considering taxpayers are funding 47 job training programs. These numbers are also rather high considering Obama and his minions in the mainstream media continue to drone on ad nauseam about how the U.S. economy has fully recovered from the recession. I guess what America needs is more taxpayer funded job training programs.
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