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Right-to-Work in Maine?

Posted in Legislation3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     I find myself keeping up with what is going on in the State of Maine because its governor, Paul LePage, is a very interesting and fascinating individual. He has defied all odds and won election and a re-election as a conservative Republican in a very blue state. I also think Maine is slowly transforming into a red state against all odds.

     I recently discovered that a bill has been introduced in the Maine legislature titled: An Act to Ensure the Right to Work without Payment of Dues or Fees to a Labor Union as a Condition of Employment (LD 489). Turning Maine into a right-to-work state is one of many goals Governor LePage has for strengthening individual liberty and makeing Maine a more attractive destination for businesses.

      Any state that is not a right-to-work state is missing out on tangible benefits for its citizens and local communities. States with right-to-work laws have lower unemployment rates, increased income growth, economic development, and higher population growth rates. All of these items are beneficial to all stakeholders, including individual citizens, businesses, state governments, and local governments.There is no reason for Maine or any other state to reject workplace freedom. However, big labor unions don’t want to lose the money, money equals power, and Democrats don’t want to lose the campaign contributions they receive from the labor unions, so they will fight to defeat
LD 489.

     A couple of years ago, big labor unions defeated a right-to-work law in Maine at the detriment of the people of Maine. This time around, the passage of the right-to-work law will be just as difficult to accomplish because there are enough Democrats in the Maine House and Senate committed to protecting their campaign contributions from labor unions and the votes the unions promise in exchange for political favors such as preventing right-to-work legislation. In fact, one such Democrat, State Senator Justin Alfond, has made it clear in the recent past that he would rather have no jobs than non-union jobs.

     A year ago, Alfond appeared on the George Hale and Ric Tyler Show on WVOM and made it clear that  Maine doesn’t need right-to-work jobs. The following is an exchange between the radio host and Alfond (the link at the end of this article contains the full interview):

Host: “Wouldn’t it be better to have right-to-work jobs than no jobs at all?”

Alfond: “No, it wouldn’t!”

This is the type of politician Governor LePage and Maine’s Republicans are up against. Alfond would much rather people be unemployed and/or on welfare than working non-union jobs. Democrats in Maine are beholden to labor unions for campaign donations and votes, so they are willing to destroy potential employment opportunities for the people of Maine. Also, the unions will continue to finance Democrats like Alfond who are willing to assist them in protecting their money supply. The partnership between Democrats and labor unions is very strong.

     It is painfully apparent that right-to-work states reap great benefits from providing workplace freedom. It would be a travesty if the Maine legislature failed to pass LD 489.

     As an aside, the proposed law, LD 489, is what laws should be from the beginning of the process to the end. The proposed law is three (3) pages long, four (4) if you count the cover page. It is a simple, straightforward, easy-to-understand law that every citizen of Maine can easily grasp, which is what every federal, state, and local law should be from beginning to end. The United States Congress should use LD 489 as a model for every piece of legislation.

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