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Liberals are Demagoguing

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     The major controversy this week surrounds the passing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in Indiana. The law is designed to provide the citizens of Indiana the same religious freedom that is afforded the American people under the federal version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1993. The federal version of RFRA was in response to court cases that challenged federal government actions that infringed upon people’s religious freedom. The federal RFRA did not apply to the states, so every state should have its own version of RFRA that protects the religious freedoms of their citizenry. In fact, Professor Daniel O. Conkle of Indiana University’s Maurer Shcool of Law, a supporter of same-sex marriage and special status for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people, wrote the following in The Indianapolis Star:

“The proposed Indiana RFRA would provide valuable guidance to Indiana courts, directing them to balance religious freedom against competing interests under the same legal standard that applies throughout the land. It is anything but a license to discriminate, and it should not be construed or dismissed on that basis.”

Governor Mike Pence

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out there is nothing controversial about Indiana’s RFRA, so I will confine this article to outlining the usual tactics that are being used by the liberals to attack the law.

     The only principle of American liberalism is that there are no principles. The purpose of the Democrat Party is to gain complete control over the United States. Liberals seek power through votes. This is accomplished by indoctrinating your children throughout their education, including higher education, the final and most intense part of the indoctrination, in order to turn them into devout liberals and loyal government subjects.

     Liberals own and operate the overwhelming majority of public school systems, and they own and operate all colleges and universities, with the exception of maybe 25 private institutions that still provide an education. The only obstacle liberals face is that there are plenty of people who do not attend college, so they have to find a way to bring these people into the fold. Liberals make promises in exchange for votes, and sometimes their promises include giving away your tax dollars. For instance, Obama promised the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and La Raza that if they will deliver votes for him during the 2012 presidential election, he will deliver amnesty and your tax dollars to them. If you cannot, or never had the opportunity to brainwash some people, you have to buy their votes. Liberals like Obama don’t care about anything other than power, so they will do anything for votes.

     The fabricated controversy over Indiana’s RFRA is designed to whip the useful idiots into a frenzy. Democrats have to concoct controversy in order to exploit and deploy their useful idiots to protest about nothing. The following is an outline of the tactics used by liberals::

  • Make a straw man argument – Indiana’s RFRA allows businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians.
  • Choose people, an individual(s) or group(s), to demonize – Indiana’s governor, Mike Pence, has been chosen by the liberals to demonize. Of course, plenty of liberals are demonizing Christians and conservatives (see right wing), but the majority of liberals are mainly focused on Governor Pence.
  • Label the chosen people – Governor Pence has been called a “homophobe” and “racist.”
  • Demagoguing – Liberals have to convince people that they are victims, but the liberals are going to protect and defend them in exchange for their votes.
  • Silence the opposition – Anybody who dares to disagree with them publicly has to be shouted down. 
  • Wash and repeat.
     You can see all of the aforementioned tactics being utilized by Ed Schultz on MSNBC when he attacks Ryan Anderson from the Heritage Foundation during an exchange regarding Indiana’s RFRA.
Schultz: “How does this law open the door to discrimination?” This tactic is meant to put the opposition on the defensive. This is the straw man argument. Liberals have concocted the story that the true intent of the law is to allow businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

     Anderson explains that Indiana’s RFRA is exactly the same as the federal RFRA. He hammers Schultz over the head with irrefutable facts.

Schultz: “We are down to the fundamentals. If a gay couple walks into a restaurant and I own it, you’re telling me in Indiana that, if I own that restaurant I can tell them to get the hell out of here, and you don’t think that’s discrimination? That’s the position of the right wing, correct?” Schultz is driving home the straw man argument. He is also demonizing by referring to the “right wing.” He is hanging a label on people who are in favor of the law. He is demagoguing when he starts to angrily yell at Anderson, and declares that discrimination is going to become commonplace in Indiana because he is someone who can see into the future. He does not use a rational argument, he appeals to emotions just like a demagogue.

     Anderson is much smarter than Schultz, so he sees right through Schultz’s manure.

Anderson: “Please point to the names of the people who are saying that restaurant owners should be kicking gays and lesbians out of their restaurants. You’re demagoguing. You called the governor a homophobe.” At this point, Schultz cuts off Anderson’s microphone and kicks him off the show. When Schultz was unable to shout down Anderson, he had to silence him. 


     The tactics being utilized by liberals are designed to get Governor Pence and Indiana’s legislature to back away from RFRA. Their tactics are very pedestrian and rooted in their view of the world as being nothing more than random, meaningless experiences that are leading to the abyss. This is what leads Democrats to use any means necessary to silence their opponents and gain power.

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