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Democrat Throws Jar of Vaseline at Governor LePage

Posted in Politics3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Another Democrat shows how tolerant, respectful, and well-behaved Democrats really are towards those who don’t agree with them. This past Friday, the governor of Maine, Paul LePage, held a town hall meeting to talk about his budget proposal. Once Governor LePage finished providing some details of his budget proposal, he opened the meeting up to questions from those in attendance. What he encountered during the Q&A session was typical behavior from Democrats.

Governor Paul LePage

     Governor LePage was not allowed to conduct a productive Q&A session because former state representative, Joanne Twomey, rushed the stage and threw a jar of Vaseline at the governor. Twomey doesn’t like Governor LePage’s budget proposal because it calls for a complete overhaul of Maine’s tax code, including the elimination of the state income tax and the taxation of non-profits. Twomey decided that acting like a mature, responsible adult was not an option, so she opted out of the opportunity to step to a microphone and ask the governor a question instead opting to show her displeasure with the governor’s budget proposal by disrupting the meeting with her pedestrian antics.

     Democrats are very selfish, intolerant people. Twomey is the stereotypical Democrat. She was not concerned with the other people in attendance only her personal agenda. I assume she was starving for attention, so what better way to garner attention than to rush the stage and hurl an object at the governor. Her antics resulted in an abrupt end to the meeting, which denied any of the other people in attendance the opportunity to ask the governor a question. Sad and pathetic!

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