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Obama’s White House Task Force for New Americans

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     On November 21, 2014, Barack Hussein Obama issued an executive memorandum establishing the White House Task Force for New Americans. What is this task force? The task force is responsible for holding meetings to prepare a plan for bringing illegal immigrants “out of the shadows.” Obama is supposed to review the plan this month.  The final plan will be devised by the Obama administration in conjunction with the League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the National Council of La Raza (La Raza), with its ultimate goal to meet the illegal immigrants where they live, distribute your tax dollars to them, and register them to vote.

     The task force has held three (3) listening sessions since January that have provided valuable information on the agenda of the task force. The person(s) tasked with disseminating information on the task force and sending out invitations to the listening sessions made a mistake and invited people who do not support amnesty for illegal immigrants to attend the sessions. Sue Payne at WCBM 680 in Maryland is someone who mistakenly received an invitation to the listening sessions, and she was more than willing to accept the invitation. Payne relayed what she heard during the sessions to Mark Levine during his radio show on February 26, 2015. What she heard during the listening sessions goes beyond your stereotypical American liberalism to talk of a Marxist revolution designed to transform states and cities into Marxist communities.

     Sue Payne’s summary of the meetings clearly shows that the agenda for Obama, LULAC, and La Raza is to redistribute wealth to the “new Americans” to assist them in taking control of the communities they live in by overwhelming the ‘old Americans.’ In other words, the seedlings will eat the host.
     As Payne listened in on the sessions, she heard the following:
  • “Immigrants should be viewed as seedlings to be planted in fertile soil to grow.”
  • It was suggested that the communities be viewed as “emergent immigrant communities.”
  • ‘The communities will be forced to welcome the immigrants once they come out of the shadows. The host community members would be relegated to the shadows. The seedlings will consume the host and the original community is transformed.’
  • “It should not be assumed that the new Americans will want to assimilate. The focus should be on assisting the new Americans to navigate not assimilate.” What was meant by navigation was the ability to navigate within the system to acquire welfare benefits. 
  • An attendee commented that “not all of the new Americans will want work permits. Many of the immigrant women will want to be home with their children instead of working, which means welfare benefits will have to be secured for them and their children.”
  • Another attendee suggested that the task force consider the new Americans as refugees or asylum seekers, and as such should be given cash, medical care, free education, and free housing.
  • “This wave of New Americans will include many elderly, unskilled people who will need help to age successfully, which means we have to get them Social Security and Medicare benefits as soon as possible.”
  • One attendee suggested that Obama issue an Executive Order renaming Thanksgiving to Celebrate Immigrants Day.
    This plan, if implemented, will fundamentally transform America into a third world, communist nation.                                                           

     The birth rate for American women has plummeted in the past few decades, and reached a record low of 1.86 births per woman in 2013, but this is no secret. It is these statistics liberals hang their hats on when they fantasize about America’s future. It is America’s falling birth rate and the continuing invasion of illegal immigrants on America’s southern border that leads liberals to predict gleefully a new America that rejects the American Founding for Marxism. 
     Obama, LULAC, and La Raza are tired of waiting for the inevitable result of the falling birth rates of American women, so they are designing a plan that starts with amnesty for illegal immigrants and ends with tens of millions of new votes for Democrats. The scheme is designed to end the multiparty system, abolish the United States Constitution, and eradicate capitalism, to usher in a Marxist utopia.
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