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Multiculturalism is Raping Women in Sweden

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     Sweden was once a homogeneous country virtually free of crime, but it is anything but today. Sweden is plagued with crime, including serious crimes like rape that were once virtually nonexistent. Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe and is number two on the global list of countries with the most reported cases of rape. Why the dramatic increase in rapes?


     In 1975, the Swedish parliament decided to turn Sweden into a multicultural nation. When the Swedish parliament voted to adopt an open immigration policy Sweden’s population was 8,208,442. Today, Sweden’s population is 9,743,087. The increase in Sweden’s population is due to unchecked immigration from the Middle East and Africa.

     The plan implemented by parliament was designed to increase immigration immediately by accepting all asylum seekers. According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Sweden accepted 5,700 asylum seekers per million population. The approximately 1.5 million people who have immigrated to Sweden are predominantly Muslim and came from Somalia, Iraq, and Syria, which is the usual, yearly pattern.


     Crime has skyrocketed since the Swedish parliament voted to turn Sweden into a multicultural nation. Violent crimes have increased 300 percent and rapes have increased 1,472 percent. The significant increase in rape coincides with a massive influx of Muslims into Sweden. One local politician, Michael Hess, dared to point out this fact and was summarily arrested for “denigration of ethnic groups.” Yes, there are such laws in totalitarian regimes such as Sweden.

      Hess got arrested after he encouraged Swedish journalists to familiarize themselves with Islam’s view of women after it was revealed during the “Arab Spring” in Egypt that numerous rapes took place in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Hess wrote, “When are you journalists going to realize that raping and assaulting women who do not adjust to Islamic teachings is deeply rooted in Muslim culture?. There is a clear connection between rapes in Sweden and the number of immigrants from MENA [Middle East and North Africa] countries.” This is the type of rational thinking that upsets multiculturalists and prompts them to uphold tyrannical laws to destroy any dissenters. Totalitarianism is alive and well in Europe!
     Hess was found guilty of “denigration of ethnic groups.” According to an article by Ingird Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard for the Gatestone Institute, during the trial, “Hess made use of whatever statistics existed on immigrant criminality in Sweden before statistical authorities stopped measuring.” Hess was determined to find answers to two questions:

1. Is there a correspondence between the incidence of rape and the number of people with a foreign background in Sweden?
2. Is there a correspondence between the incidence of rape and some specific group of immigrants in Sweden?

Carlqvist and Hedegaard report that “the answer to both questions was an unequivocal Yes.” Carlqvist and Hedegaard explained that “twenty-one research reports from the 1960s until today are unanimous in their conclusions. Whether or not they measured by the number of convicted rapists or men suspected of rape, men of foreign extraction were represented far more than Swedes.” This greater representation of Muslim immigrants keeps increasing:

  • 1960-1970s – 1.2 to 2.6 times as often as Swedes
  • 1980s – 2.1 to 4.7 times as often as Swedes
  • 1990s – 2.1 to 8.1 times as often as Swedes
  • 2000s – 2.1 to 19.5 times as often as Swedes
These numbers are astonishing! Although Muslim immigrants from Africa and the Middle East are only 5 percent of the population, they are responsible for approximately 78 percent of the rapes in Sweden. Even when adjusted for variables such as age, sex, class, and place of residence, the vast discrepancy between immigrants and Swedes remains. Despite this overwhelming evidence to substantiate what Hess wrote, the court did what any kangaroo court would do and ignored the truth. What is disturbing about the kangaroo court’s decision is that it is so arrogant that it admitted that the evidence did substantiate what Hess wrote, but the truth is not germane to the case. 
     The court rendered a verdict of guilty, and provided the following explanation for why it ignored the facts:

The Court [Tingsrätten] notes that the question of whether or not Michael Hess’s pronouncement is correct, or appeared to be true to Michael Hess, has no bearing on the case. Michael Hess’s statement must be judged based on its timing and context. … At the time of the offense, Michael Hess referred neither to established research nor to Islamic sources. It was only in connection with his indictment that Michael Hess tried to find support in research and religious writings. The Court, therefore, notes that Michael Hess’s pronouncement was obviously not a part of any reasoned [saklig] or trustworthy [vederhäftig] discussion. Michael Hess’s pronouncement must, therefore, be viewed as an expression of disdain for immigrants with an Islamic faith.

The truth is inconvenient for ideological multiculturalists.

     Swedish women are not safe from Muslim immigrants, nor can they expect justice from a government that is committed to multiculturalism at all costs. Here are a few cases of rape that accurately depict the dangers that Swedish women face from Muslim immigrants. Carlqvist and Hedegaard wrote about some gang rape incidents that are examples of what multiculturalism has to offer Sweden and any other country.

     The number of gang rapes in Sweden has increased dramatically since the Swedish parliament decided it would offer “asylum” to Muslim immigrants. The following is a list of gang rapes Carlqvist and Hedegaard mentioned in their article:

  • 30-year old woman raped by eight men in a housing project for asylum seekers (2012). 
  • 15-year old girl locked up while six men of foreign extraction raped her (2013).
  • Gang rape on Finnish Ferry, Amorella, by eight men, seven Somalis and one Iraqi (2015).
What has been the response from the Swedish government and mainstream media regarding the savage rapes being perpetrated by Muslim immigrants? The Muslim immigrants responsible for raping the 15-year old girl in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta were convicted by a lower court, but were acquitted by a court of appeals because it determined that “no violence occurred,” and the girl “had not been in a defenseless position.” 

     Political correctness is an inherent offshoot of multiculturalism. Political correctness is a paralyzing disease that afflicts mental midgets all over the world. It was some mental midgets in Sweden who reported the gang rape on the ferry like this:

  • “Several Swedish Men Suspected of Rape on the Finland Ferry” (Dagens Nyheter).
  • “Six Swedish Men Raped Woman in Cabin” (Aftonbladet).
  • “Six Swedes Arrested for Rape on Ferry” (Expressen).
  • “Eight Swedes suspected of Rape on Ferry” (TT – the Swedish News Agency).
The internet radio station, Granskning Sverige called the mainstream newspapers Aftonposten and Expressen (See American mainstream media) to ask them why they had described the rapists as “Swedish men” when they were actually foreigners, and were told that is “irrelevant.” I would think newspapers incorrectly reporting the facts of a news story would be relevant. Granskning Sverige also asked the reporters at the newspapers, if they felt any responsibility to warn Swedish women to steer clear of certain men. The reporter at Granskning Sverige stated, “If the women knew, then perhaps they would have stayed away from these men and avoided being raped.” This statement resulted in a dial tone 100 percent of the time. What do you expect from rigid ideologues committed to multiculturalism?
     The rape epidemic in Sweden caused by multiculturalism is explained away by politicians, the mainstream media, and bureaucrats.The following explanations were relayed by Carlqvist and Hedegaard in their article:
  • Swedes have become more prone to report a crime.
  • The law has been changed so that more sexual offenses are now classed as rape.
  • Swedish men cannot handle increased equality between the sexes and react with violence against women (perhaps the most fanciful excuse).
The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention provided these excuses for the rape epidemic:
  • “Contact with strangers via the internet.”
  • “More bars and pubs.”
  • “Increased alcohol consumption.”
The Muslims are hanging out in bars and pubs consuming copious amounts of alcohol, what!? Muslims love to use the internet to locate their victims, huh!?
     The Swedish parliament’s dedication to multiculturalism makes it complicit in the rapes that have destroyed thousands of Swedish women’s lives. The crimes perpetrated by Muslim immigrants and covered up by Sweden’s politicians, bureaucrats, and the mainstream media have destroyed its culture and is rapidly turning it into a third world country replete with the savage crimes associated with third world countries populated by Muslims. These Muslims are focused on unleashing their savage religion on countries around the globe, and European socialists and American Marxists/liberals/Democrats are more than willing to extend an invitation.
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