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Liberals are Really Upset about Netanyahu’s Victory

Posted in Politics3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

          Liberals are very upset that Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected prime minister of Israel. It is very bizarre that an election in a foreign country has arguably received more attention from the mainstream media and American liberals than any foreign election, ever. Why all of the attention? Why are liberals so upset about the outcome of the election?

          The election in Israel initially garnered a great deal of attention because of the poor relationship between Barack Hussein Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu. It is no secret that Obama hates Netanyahu. Obama’s hatred for Netanyahu deepened when Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Speaker John Boehner to speak in front of Congress. In my opinion, it was Netanyahu’s speech that motivated Obama and his minions to identify possible ways in which they could exact revenge on Netanyahu. It was Obama’s plan for revenge that whipped his scribes in the mainstream media and his liberal followers into a frenzy.

          Obama’s hatred for Netanyahu was the impetus for him dispatching his operatives, including Jeremy Bird, to Israel for the sole purpose of doing whatever is necessary to help defeat Netanyahu. The ultimate revenge would be to run a campaign against Netanyahu that succeeds in preventing him from winning re-election. Obama was so desperate to see Netanyahu lose that he funneled $350 million of your hard-earned tax dollars through the State Department to an organization called One Voice that describes itself as “an international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representatives toward the two-state solution.” One Voice sent some or all of your money to an organization called Victory 15 to carry out a political campaign against Netanyahu.

          It is unethical, and I would think illegal, for the State Department to spend American’s hard-earned tax dollars in an effort to influence foreign elections, or any election. This doesn’t upset Obama supporters. What upsets Obama supporters is the fact that despite the monumental effort by their ruler to defeat Netanyahu, he failed miserably. Netanyahu didn’t just win, he trounced his competition. He defeated Isaac Herzog, Tzipi Livni, and Barack Hussein Obama.

          Netanyahu will always be a constant reminder to Obama and his minions that they were unable to influence the election in Israel. Obama, Jeremy Bird, One Voice, and Victory 15 are no match for Netanyahu. What Obama and Jeremy Bird learned is that it is much easier to bamboozle low information voters in the U.S. than it is to bamboozle anybody in Israel. This realization angers liberals because the lack of success in Israel is further proof that their supreme ruler is not omnipotent. Liberals are distraught and feeling hopeless because their supreme ruler continues to suffer defeat after defeat, and they are left searching for answers.

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