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Senator Jeff Sessions Grills Obama’s Budget Director

Posted in Bureaucracy, Legislation3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     Last week, Senator Jeff Sessions questioned the Obama administration’s budget director, Shaun Donovan, about the administration’s FY 2016 budget, and as usual it was impossible to get answers to yes or no questions. Donovan has the same problem the greater majority of politicians and fed gov bureaucrats have in that they are so poisoned by the elitists culture in D.C. that they don’t know how to answer questions. In fact, most of the time, they ignore questions and babble on incoherently until the people asking the questions give up on getting answers to their questions.

     Donovan is the stereotypical person working in the Obama administration. He is Harvard educated, but is incapable of recognizing, much less answering, yes or no questions. He has little to no experience in the private sector. He doesn’t care about the law because his ideas are so brilliant, they supersede all laws.

     Once again Senator Sessions does a fantastic job of attempting to explain to an Obama drone that it is the Obama administration’s policies that are harming the American people. Prior to asking Donovan if the Obama administration’s budget spends more than the Budget Control Act allows, a yes or no question he never answered, Senator Sessions lets Donovan know that it is the Obama administration’s policies that are hurting the middle class. Senator Sessions states:

The problem is your policies. Tax more, spend more, borrow more, regulate more, Obamacare more, an immigration policy that dominates the market with workers from abroad, and we don’t have enough jobs for American workers. That’s what has caused this problem. Your ideas have not worked, they will never work!

     Based on the dumbfounded look on Donovan’s face, I’m guessing he has never had someone tell him that his brilliant ideas are not working and will never work. I bet he was perplexed when Sessions told him, “You work for the taxpayers, Mr. Donovan.” This would be news to him. It would be news to most politicians and bureaucrats in D.C. Donovan and the rest of the amateurs in the Obama administration have no idea where the money comes from to pay for their ideas.

     Sessions should be commended for doing an outstanding job. Sessions remembers that he took an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and he takes his oath of office seriously. He understands that he is employed by the American people. Unfortunately, Sessions is an anomaly in D.C.       

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