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Marie Harf is Clueless

Posted in Politics3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     I am surprised that people are surprised at what State Department spokesman, Marie Harf, said in reference to ISIS. Harf said, “We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it’s a lack of opportunity for jobs.” Harf is an amateur like her boss, Barack Hussein Obama, and just like her boss, she thinks she is a genius.


     Harf’s statement is what passes for political theory in the Obama administration. It is the stuff of academic pinheads who are incapable of governing because they lack the cognitive skills to handle anything that exist in the world outside of academia. Her statement would have been a hit in her dormitory at the University of Virginia because bathroom philosophy is all the rage on college campuses, but it is worthless in the real world.

ISIS Murders Christians on a Beach in Libya

     If Harf thinks unemployment is the reason people join Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS, I have a great idea to help the terrorists and test Harf’s commitment to the cause. Why not have Harf set up a job fair in Iraq for ISIS members? She can go to Iraq and have members of ISIS fill out job applications for the low-paying, part-time jobs that are available in the U.S. I’m sure they are more than willing to renounce Islam and exchange their weapons for fast food restaurant uniforms.


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