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It’s Official, Medicare is Covering Sex Change Procedures

Posted in Bureaucracy, Culture3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     I have longed for the day when the bureaucrats working at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) would come to their senses and start covering sex change procedures for seniors. It took Barack Hussein Obama and his drones at CMS to deliver manna from Heaven.

     I know that seniors have been protesting in the streets demanding that Medicare cover sex change procedures. There are hundreds of thousands of seniors who have longed to change their sex. Seniors everywhere include sex change on their bucket lists. Sixty-five, seventy, seventy-five years as a man or woman is long enough, and now all of those seniors looking to switch teams can do so because Medicare covers all of the procedures 100 percent.
     The Current Procedural Terminology manual now has the codes that hospitals and physicians must use to report the procedures related to a sex change. The following is the list:
  • 55970 – Intersex surgery; male to female
  • 55980 – Intersex surgery; female to male
     These procedures are reported separately from the main procedures listed above.
  • 19325 – Mammaplasty, augmentation; with prosthetic implant
  • 54125 – Amputation of penis; complete
  • 54520 – Orchiectomy, simple (including subcapsular), with or without testicular prosthesis, scrotal or inguinal approach
  • 54660 – Insertion of testicular prosthesis
  • 54690 – Laparoscopy, surgical; orchiectomy
  • 55180 – Scrotoplasty; complicated
  • 56625 – Vulvectomy, simple; complete
  • 56800 – Plastic repair of introitus
  • 56805 – Clitoroplasty for intersex state
  • 57110 – Vaginectomy, complete removal of vaginal wall
  • 57291 – Construction of artificial vagina; without graft
  • 57292 – Construction of artificial vagina; with graft
  • 57295 – Revision (including removal) of prosthetic vaginal graft; vaginal approach
  • 57296 – Revision (including removal) of prosthetic vaginal graft; open abdominal approach
  • 57426 – Revision (including removal) of prosthetic vaginal graft, laparoscopic approach
Can you think of a better use for your tax dollars than a scrotoplasty or vaginectomy? I am unable to find out how much of your money the bureaucrats are spending on sex change procedures. I did find a document from the Medicare Learning Network that shows sex change procedures are now covered.
     I have spent a lot of time thinking about the social problems that plague America, i.e., the break down of the family, abortion, poverty, but in my selfishness I never thought about the seniors who are trapped in the ‘wrong’ gender. Thank goodness these people’s problems have been resolved. Obama has locked up the senior transgender vote for Democrats.
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