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Sea Change in the UK

Posted in Politics3 years ago • Written by Defender Of LibertyNo Comments

     The political landscape in the UK is undergoing a transformation because of frustrated voters and frustrated conservatives within the Conservative Party (commonly referred to as Tory Party). The UK has suffered for the last few decades because two political parties, Labor and Tory, have been the dominant parties. There are four political parties in the UK and one of those parties, the UK Independence Party (UKIP), is making headway against the status quo.

     I liken the power of the Labor and Tory parties in the UK with the Democrat and Republican parties in the U.S. because there is no difference between the parties, and it is virtually impossible for a third party candidate to win an election against their candidates. The parties enjoy a monopoly on power and their main focus is maintaining that power. These monopolies have led to the economic and social decay of the UK and the U.S.    

     The UK has something the U.S. does not have, more than two political parties.. The UKIP is making strides with voters in the UK because it is not a party made up of the status quo. It is not a movement like the Tea Party, it is actually a political party with members in parliament (MP). The power of the UKIP has grown in its 23 years of existence to the point that plenty of Tories want to form a pact with the UKIP. The Tories are feeling the heat because their party has lost two seats in parliament to UKIP members. Worse yet, the two seats lost by the Tories were won by Mark Reckless and David Carswell, two former Tories who finally reached their limit and defected to the UKIP.

     The leader of the Tories, President David Cameron, is under pressure from several members of his party to form a pact with UKIP. The leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, rejected the idea of any sort of pact with the Tories. Farage and the UKIP are interested in providing an alternative to the two entrenched political parties, not just gaining a seat at the table. In Farage’s words, “This party is not a splinter of the Conservative Party. This party is its own organic force. We want to win our own representation in Westminster and we believe only by doing that can we fundamentally change British politics.” It is quite possible Farage and the UKIP are going to change British politics.                                                

     The UKIP is enjoying success due to its party platform that is focused on the UK and its people. The UKIP is gaining converts because 67 percent of voters would like the UK to leave the European Union and secure its borders in order to stop immigrants from entering the UK. At the UKIP’s inception in 1991, only 17 percent of people were in favor of the UK withdrawing from the European Union, today that number is 67 percent

     The following is from UKIP’s platform:


  • Five-year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement followed by 50,000 annual cap.
  • Work permits to be time-limited and overstaying made a crime.
  • No amnesty for illegal immigrants: all returned to home country.
  • Minimum five-year wait for British citizenship with no rights to benefits and all asylum seekers to be held in secure units.


  • Job seekers allowance and incapacity benefit is scrapped.
  • No benefits for illegal immigrants. No benefits for legal immigrants until they have become citizens and lived in the UK for five years.


  • Franchise out key services, including hospitals and GP surgeries to companies and charities.
  • Create voucher system to allow people to opt out of NHS (socialized medicine) system entirely.
  • Matrons to run hospitals, not non-clinically trained managers. (no more government bureaucrats).


  • Support coal-fired power and oppose wind farms.
  • Stop funding UN’s climate change panel.
  • Ban schools from showing Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth. (I think America’s largest export has become liberalism).

This is not a comprehensive list, but it should give you a clear picture on where UKIP stands on the most important issues facing the UK. You should be able to recognize the issues because they are the same issues facing America. Unfortunately, America doesn’t have another party to challenge Democrats and Republicans, so I’m afraid the problems plaguing America are going to get worse. We can either work to get the RINOs (liberals) out of the Republican Party, or hope that somehow a third political party will emerge to provide a stable, reliable counterweight to the two-headed monster that currently inhabits DC.

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